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Gambling in Atlantic City

Though serving as a resort city since the late 1800’s, it was not until the mid twentieth century that Atlantic City became a casino hotspot. Until then, the coastal town relied on its great proximity to Philadelphia and the rest of the large east-coast cities to draw their tourists to its hotels during summers and holidays. Then, in the aftermath of the Second World War, Atlantic City experienced its most serious downfall. Families started heading further south to places like Miami and the Bahamas for their vacations, and AC’s hotels started suffering from alarming vacancy rates.

Then in 1976 came the turnaround that the city was waiting for: The state of New Jersey voted to legalize casino gambling in the city and quickly after that, the Resorts International opened its doors as the first legal casino on the eastern shores of the United States. Las Vegas now had some competition on the east.

Needless to say, countless other hotel and casino resorts sprung up into the Atlantic City skies almost instantly. Coupled with prime time boxing competitions, and a fantastic beach boardwalk, Atlantic City revived its status as a prime vacation resort and was often times even favored over Las Vegas. Real-estate mogul Donald Trump came in and made Atlantic city his own playground when building much of the city’s downtown gambling areas.

Many Las Vegas style shows also frequented the stages of Atlantic City’s casino, such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. , and Cher who starred on the Sands Atlantic City. The Sands kept its Vegas style all the way till the end with a grandiose implosion. Check out this video and turn on your speakers, the soundtrack is awesome:

Many of the city’s hotels and casinos spill out onto the city’s boardwalk- which is the oldest in the United States! It stretches over four miles along the New Jersey coastal line, but the boardwalk used to be even longer- stretching seven miles in length until a severe 1944 hurricane hit the city and damaged much of its property including the city’s prized boardwalk. Besides the hotels, the boardwalk also leads to the city’s amusement park, a museum, restaurants and other fine dinning, not to mention seasonal cultural events.

Though the city’s casinos specialize in table games,slots, roulette and craps can be found as well in every casino you step into. The casinos are generally not too far from the boardwalk and offer nightly entertainment much in the style of their Las Vegas counterparts.

Besides gambling and dining along its marvelous coast, the city also offers three of the largest shopping malls in the eastern United States. The Atlantic City aquarium, it should be mentioned, is one of the most respected homes to ocean wildlife in the country. There is always something out of the ordinary happening in and around Atlantic City, such as the filming of various popular television shows and/or movies.

Since its inception as an action-packed city, Atlantic City has played host to not only occasional events, but also has been the home for much of the twentieth century to the infamous Miss America Pageant. And how many people are left in the world who can honestly claim that they haven’t at least once played the game Monopoly. Well folks, that lovable family past-time was inspired and mimicked after the streets and alleys of Atlantic City.

So what does Las Vegas have that Atlantic City lacks? Well, for starts- a long flight from home. Atlantic City provides a similar element of fun and excitement as the city of lights with a much shorter commute from your home. Its proximity to New York makes it even more attractive to tourist from around the world. But again, each one of the two retains its own uniqueness and there is nothing like some good healthy competition keep our beloved casino towns working hard to insure that our next visit will be all the more enjoyable.