Crown Casino Melbourne

Now here is a situation that may occur: during one of your many wanderings on the face of this beautiful planet of ours, you find yourself in the Southern Hemisphere experiencing a craving to play some blackjack and watch a building spitting fire balls into the night’s sky, intermittently. When faced with this urge, only one place on earth is able to scratch your itch: Crown Casino at Melbourne.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex – if to use its full name – is actually the largest casino in all of Australia. The complex includes two hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, movie theatres, arcade, bowling alley, and a laser battle field.

If you’re a fan of the critically acclaimed TV shows Six Feet Under and Brothers & Sisters where have you been on the night opening night of Crown Casino back in ‘97? You could have caught a glimpse of Rachel Griffiths crashing the party topless! The Melbourne native, inspired by the legendary Lady Godiva, streaked as protest against what she described as a conglomerate pimple on the face of her city. As impressive as this brass gesture may have been, every day 200,000 people think the opposite and visit the complex.

The gaming area of the Crown has over 300 table games including a game promisingly named Pontoon Pandemonium – a variation of blackjack with bonus payouts. As the host of the biggest poker tournament in Australia – the Aussie Millions – Crown Casino also offers WSOP Bonus Texas Holdem where you play heads-up against the dealer and there’s a progressive jackpot of over $50,000.

Among many marvels, the complex encompasses the Galactic Circus, the largest indoor theme park down under with skill games, simulators, and rides. Near by you can work out your aggressions in the world’s first interchangeable laser battles arena at the 500 sq. metre M9 Laser Skirmish.

So what’s with those great balls of fire? Vegas is not the only one who likes to play with this scorching element. Crown casino shoots its flames every hour after dark, undoubtedly to demonstrate the inherent hotness of gambling. Or maybe just because they’re pretty.

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