Andruchi Roulette System

Have you ever got the feeling while playing roulette that some numbers are just luckier than others? Well, according to the Andruchi roulette system, lucky numbers do exist, and the idea of the system is to identify them.

The Andruchi is based on the assumption that randomness can include sequences. According to this system, although a sequence of spins brings random results, at least one number wins 8 times, before another number gets hot, or get any hits at all.

The idea here is to be aware of recurring numbers – the hot numbers that keep coming up. To see track these numbers, the player can use the scoreboard that shows the winning numbers from the last dozen or 20 rounds.

In the Andruchi system, once the player identifies a number that has been coming up for over 3 times, he will keep placing straight up bets on this number (and others like him), because he expects it to hit again.

Interesting to note that the Andruchi is in fact the complete opposite of another well-known roulette strategy, where the player cover the entire table (using street, corner, and double street bets) except for the numbers that came out in the last 3 to 5 spins. While in this case the player believes that hot numbers will not repeat themselves for some time, the Andruchi player believes the opposite.

Another interesting fact about the Andruchi is that while most roulette strategies focus on even bets, this is probably one of the only systems out there that goes for the bet with the thinnest winning odds, the straight up bet. Many roulette players consider the straight out bet as one of the worst bets in the casino, but since it pays 35 to 1, the appeal of the Andruchi betting system can be easily understood.

It is much easier to apply the Andruchi roulette system when playing online roulette rather than in a brick-and-mortar casino, since the player sets the pace and decides when to start a new round, and of course since there is no need to ask permission to write down the numbers, and the player can keep as long a list as he wishes.

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