Online Slots for Bitcoin

bitcoin-slotsYou may be wondering just what types of slot games you are going to be able to play when you opt to start playing at an online casino that accept Bitcoin deposits. If this is the case then below we will highlight several of the different slot game categories that will be available to you.

Please be aware that some Bitcoin casino sites use their own in house gaming software and casino platform, and sadly when opting to play at such a site the quality of the slot games can be quite poor and the range of slot games very limited.

However in our quest to only present to you the ultimate online casino sites which offer players the best range of casino games we suggest if you do wish to play slot games at a Bitcoin accepting casino you play at mBitCasino.com for they use a very well known gaming software platform and they offer 3D slot games which really are well worth playing.

Take a look at our mBit Casino Review for that will enlighten you on just what else this leading Bitcoin Casino site has to offer you, and we just know that site will surpass your expectations.

Bitcoin 3 Reel Slots

Three reel slots are not to everyone’s liking, but when you are playing slots online there is often a time when you don’t want to play slots which are slow paced or keep teasing you with near misses which often happens when playing video slots and the required number of bonus game awarding scatter symbols never seem to spin in.

This is when it pays to give the three reel Bitcoin slot machines a little play time, for with just one payline to concentrate on you will soon discover whether that spin is a winning or losing one, and will never get the urge to whack your computer screen when a series of near misses continually spin in.

The payout percentages on most if not all three reel slots are just as high as any other category of slot game so never be under the impression that these kinds of slot games are in any way lower paying ones than any other slot game you can play online.

One tip however if you do decide to give three reel Bitcoin slots any amount of play time and that is for you to study the pay table attached to the game you are playing and if the payouts awarded when you opt to play them for maximum coins is higher and enhanced in value than when playing for minimum stakes, then always play maximum coins to take advantage of those much better winning payouts.

Bitcoin Video Slots

You will find no shortages of great playing Bitcoin Video slot games available online and with so many of the readily and always available it does of course mean you are free to shop around and select those games which offer you the best winning chances based on their respective payout percentages.

However it does have to be said that when playing the range of 3D Video slot games which are available at our listed above Bitcoin accepting casino you are not only going to be playing high paying video slots on which all manner of different bonus game rounds and bonus features can and will be triggered and awarded to you, but thanks to those enhanced graphics the slots spring to life.

Each slot will have their own unique characters who may suddenly make an appearance on the slot screen and when a winning combination has been formed do not be too surprised to see the winning reel symbols start to dance around the screen.

Bitcoin Progressive Slots

There is one major advantage of playing at a Bitcoin Casino when you are playing Progressive slot games, and this is due to our featured casinos offering instant winning payouts, then when that once in a lifetime jackpot winning combination spins in when you are playing these very high paying slots you are going to be paid all of the winnings in one lump sum.

You are not going to have to wait for a small weekly or monthly payments to be sent to your web wallet of bank account, so if you do enjoy playing progressive slots, whether three reel or video progressive slots online then the why put up with maximum weekly or monthly cash out limits as when playing progressive slot machines at our listed sites you are always going to get paid your entire cash outs in one go.

Bitcoin Credits and Casino Credits

You need to be aware that if you are playing at Bitcoin accepting casinos then depending on which site you are playing at they will have two unique ways of crediting your casino account with credits.

Some casinos will permit you to fund your account using Bitcoins and then once your deposit has been made you will can play their slot games with stake levels of a fraction of a Bitcoin but some casino sites will exchange your Bitcoin deposits into actual casino credits.

You will find the actual number of casino credits awarded can and will fluctuate from casino to casino but the most standard exchange rate is 100 or 1000 casino credits per full Bitcoin deposited. You are then free to play their slot games for one or more casino credits per spin.

It would be advisable for you to check if the casino at which you are playing at uses which type of casino credit system as this will give you much more flexibility in regards to the stake levels you can then play their range of slot games for.

In regards to playing at a Bitcoin friendly casino which gives you casino credits as opposed to being able to play for fractions of Bitcoins, you will get the same exchange rate given to you when you made your deposit when making a withdrawal, and as such will not lose out financially when cashing out your winnings.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

March 10, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.