Casino De Montreal

Even though Canada spreads over a larger territory than that of the US, the number of casino houses that occupy its southern neighbor is actually ten times bigger. Considering that the legal amendments required to enable gambling were made only in 1985, Canada is picking up the pace, as more and more provinces (whose governments authorize the gaming industry under their jurisdictions) legalize casino gambling. But despite the relatively small number of casinos, Canada still takes pride in one of the finest casinos in the world.

In Quebec is the most recognized casino in Canada – Casino de Montréal, located, that’s right, in Montreal, made famous thanks to its size, distinguishable look, and untraditional interior design. While most architects planning a casino strive to create a complete separation between the interior and the world outside, here it’s just the other way around. In most casinos the building is planned so the player won’t feel what time of day it is, to create a seamless experience, but Casino de Montréal actually has windows! How outrageous is that?! So, here the passing hours do have an effect of the visitor’s feel. And the architect didn’t stop there. If you are used to the high decorated ceilings of Vegas, you’ll be surprised to see that this casino keeps its ceiling quite low.

The reason the construction of this casino is so unorthodox is that 2 out of its buildings were built with a whole other purpose in mind: Expo 67.

In 1967 Canada hosted one of the biggest World’s Fairs in history – the International and Universal Exposition (Expo, in short) – and prepared accordingly. An artificial island called Île Notre-Dame was built, and over 90 pavilions represented nations and companies from all over the world. Many of the pavilions were demolished, but the pavilion of France and the pavilion of Quebec (the Canadian province where Montreal is located) were reconstructed and combined with a third building to form Casino de Montreal, which is making its government rich ever since.

Nowadays these buildings are the proud home of 526,488 square foot of gaming space packed with over 3,200 slot machines and over 115 tables, and considered one of the finest casinos in the world. Always popular in Canada, Casino de Montreal also offers racebooking in an electronic horse racing track. The casino also offers a special section for high-rollers at the high-limits lounge, and a keno lounge.

While the casino’s exterior keeps a cool, calm, all-white look, resembling a sturdy ship looking over the pastoral scenery of verdure and water, the interior is unexpectedly exciting and vivid. Full of neon lights flashing, the casino’s interior is surprisingly warm and full of color. Oh, but the décor is the only one who gets to be flashy..

An inside peek at the casino:

The casino, along with its restaurants and bars, is pretty selective when it comes to the wardrobe of those standing at its gates. No doubt the folks at Montreal know their casino style: Ladies, if you want to play at Casino de Montreal you better leave your strapless tops, camisoles and tank tops at home. If you’re wearing jogging suits, cycling shorts, or swimsuits you’ll be welcomed to keep up your exercise outside, and if the print on your shirt is saying something nasty, it will be saying it someplace else. But hey, don’t rent a tux just yet, the good news is that you can wear your Bermuda shorts or tasteful jeans!

So if want to play at Montreal Casino, make sure you wearing something nice. Look what you might be missing:

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