• Casino History

Bill Hickoks Last Poker Game

James Butler Hickok, born on May 27 1837 and famously nicknamed “Wild Bill Hickok”, was a heroic figure of America’s Old West. Aside from being an expert gunfighter and reputable lawman, Hickok was also a legendary gambler – his favorite game being Draw Poker. It was during the years following the Civil War that Hickok […]

Slot Machine in Japanese

The pictographic characters of the Japanese language create beautiful graphic combinations that establish the meaning of the word, and at the same time reveal the imagination behind it. For example, the word “beautiful” is created by a symbol that represents something being born or growing on top of the symbol of the moon, because anything […]

Las Vegas Casino Implosions

If there’s anything Las Vegas is known for is being flashy and spectacular about the most mundane, unglamorous things you’d imagine. Even taking down an old building turns into a festive event, complete with fireworks and dazzling shows. In spite of their nostalgic value, many Vegas hotels were cleared out of the way to make […]

Best Casino Movies

The bright light city is one photogenic venue, and it sports a big variety of attractive filming locations. Add that to an ongoing reputation of the place to go to just to cut loose, and here’s a recipe for some very cool movies. The slick, elegant and charming face of Vegas is also the star […]

Elvis Presley and Vegas

Had he not passed on so early in his short but amazing life, the undisputed king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley would have been celebrating his 72nd birthday on January 8, 2007. Could you imagine the man whose electrifying televised musical appearances and movie roles made him synonymous with youth, rebelliousness, and the passion […]

Women and Gambling

Up until the internet stormed into our lives it seemed that the battle of the sexes stopped at the gates of the casino. At an age when women are taking leading roles in politics and business, when it came to gambling, women often played bingo, lotto and scratch cards, and never seen around the card […]