• Gambling Humor

5 Creative Ways to Get to Vegas for Free

How to get your Vegas vacation without spending a dime? Time to get creative! 1. Run to the nearest print shop and ask them to create a flyer about an important conference/trade show happening in the city – Someone has to represent the company and it’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make. (Though if your […]

Casino Game Characters

Like our cars or our computers, we spend so much time playing our favorite casino games that sometime we could swear that the game has a life of its own. A game is nothing more than a mixture of abstract rules and concrete objects, but this mix is really capable of stirring our emotions and […]

You Might Be an Online Casino & Poker Player If

Playing online is one of the most popular pastimes today, but some are more passionate than others. Here are 10 things that can happen only to a bona fide online casino and poker player. [Online Player] 1) You know you’re a player when you see a website’s “# of visitors” counter and you think it’s […]

Funny Poker Spoofs

TV poker shows make a great spoof material thanks to the bombastic theme music accompanied by dramatic narration and commentary. Home games also inspire some very funny comedy as you can see here. A Crazy Poker Tell An hysterical sketch by internet based comedy show OH! The Humanity (find them at OhTheHum.com): A buddy invites […]

The Casino Player Diet

Wouldn’t life be much simpler if dieting was as easy as playing in an online casino? Well, how about using your experience and spirit as a player to eat better and take control over your health? Everybody wants a healthy body, but could anything be more boring than counting calories? We all can lose focus […]

Casino and Poker Workout

Many players would swear that gambling is the most thrilling sport they ever practiced. You may not get an Olympic medal any time soon, but these games do make the heart go racing. Just like in any other sport, some players would stop at nothing to be the ones up there on the winner’s stand, […]

Real Life Bets You Should Never Make

For every good bet you can make in a casino there’s one you really shouldn’t in real life. Betting is kept to tables and machines for a reason. Here’s a funny look on some bets you’re really better off without, followed by a sane (and worthwhile…) online casino alternative. 1) Do not bet that you […]