• Gambling Psychology

Why Women Love Slot Machines

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of casino chips must be in want of a slot machine. or is it? Well, perhaps it is more of a prejudice than a truth… after all there are many a great female card players nowadays, and around the craps and roulette tables there […]

People Gamble to Relax

Many believe that players who gamble do it only just for a shot at winning, but the truth is people play casino games for different reasons. Some players keep it cool and controlled with strategic play that requires alertness and self restrain. Others do it for the adrenaline rush, and pay little attention to bankroll […]

Psychic Ability & Gambling

If we could see into the future we would never again be able to enjoy an episode of “Lost”… And if we could know everything other people are trying to keep hidden, and vice versa, how could we survive a family get together and holiday dinners? When it comes to revealing information that is beyond […]

Have More Fun & Confidence at Casinos

Online casinos and offline casinos don’t work the same. When it comes to a brick and mortar casino, the logic just goes upside down. Instead of focusing on making money and bankroll management you see people loosening up and parading their money, even when loses. I didn’t get it at first, but now I understand. […]

6 Habits of Winning Casino Players

What makes a winner? “Winner” is a personality type, an attitude, a state of mind. It’s also an image that other people read and respond to. A winner will always get a date, make money, and yes, beat the casino. To be a winner you have to think and act like one. Here’s a quick […]