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Christmas Holiday in Las Vegas

After having a very busy year writing, I decided that this year I would take a well-deserved holiday in Las Vegas to cover the Christmas period. However, being cost conscious I decided to hunt around and find the cheapest time to spend in Vegas, which just so happened to be the pre and post-Christmas period.

So the first thing that needed to be booked was the flights, being based in the UK one aspect of booking international flights is that there are some hefty air passenger duty taxes to be paid. However, by leaving from another European City is was possible to find flights with no air passenger duty attached to them.

This led me to the Norwegian Airlines website which offers flights from Denmark and Sweden to and from Las Vegas which when taken in December are remarkably low in price. In fact, amazingly I managed to get flights for just £99 outbound and £102 inbound.

The flight I booked departed from Denmark and returned to Sweden, however thanks to Ryanair offering amazingly cheap flights to and from those two countries via the UK the total cost of flights from the UK to Las Vegas and back again via Denmark and Sweden cost around £250 in total.

Those prices were too low to resist, so to get the very best rates possible on the flights I booked from December the 8th to December the 26th 2015.

Choosing a Hotel

I have visited Las Vegas many times and have stayed at hotels and resorts such as the New York New York Casino and Mandalay Bay, however being an avid slot player I found the Stratosphere Casino offered one of the best Las Vegas Comp Clubs and had some of the best paying slots.

So I then visited many websites offering cheap Vegas rooms, to see if I could get a better rate than the Stratosphere website, however thanks to a price guarantee on the official Stratosphere website I managed to get an amazingly low priced deal for the entire 18 days I was to spend in Las Vegas.

The Day Arrived

The 8th of December soon came around, and I boarded the flight and was impressed with the new Boeing Dreamliner which was to take me directly to Vegas. In fact, thanks to a power socket located under the seat I was able to catch up with some work during the 10-hour flight.

The time soon flew by, quite literally, and without a hitch I land at McCarran Airport and was then tasked with queuing to get through Border Control, which is very tiresome after such a long flight. However, the Officer was professional and quite chatty and was a pleasure to deal with.

Once I had passed through the final security check I was then faced with finding a lift to the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. I found a bus company located just outside the arrival lounge and booked my ticket for just a few Dollars.

I was then on my way to the hotel and taking in the sites on the way, arriving at 1pm in the afternoon you get to see lots of sights you miss when arriving late at night. It wasn’t long before we pulled up at the rear entrance of the Stratosphere having tipped the driver a few Dollars it was time to check it.

Arriving slightly earlier than the usual check in time proved to be no problem and I was given a warm welcome by the check in agent and given my room keys in no time. One thing worth noting when visiting this hotel is that you are not obliged to leave an incidentals deposit if you do not wish to.

However, the resort fee of $24 per night did make the very low cost rooms almost double in price, but that is the price you have to pay when staying in Vegas as the vast majority of casinos now charge a resort fee.

Room key in hand I then went to my room, had a quick shower and then it was down to the casino with the aim of signing up to the Casino Rewards Scheme to I could benefit from all of the little and not so little extras that would be coming my way based on my slot play.

Vegas Comp Clubs

One thing that you are going to find if you do decide to come to Vegas is that there are lots of casinos that are prepared to reward you very generously for your real money gaming action.

Having made my way to the Comp Club in the Stratosphere I then handed over my passport and signed up for their comp club. However, as the lady behind the counter explained, I would not only be earning comps as I play but as they have a special offer on over the pre-Christmas period, as soon as I reach 10,000 points on my club card I would get $50 for free.

In fact, I could claim up to $500 in total via this special promotional offer and I still get to keep the points I earned in addition to those additional $50 cash bonuses.

With my comp club card in one hand and a fistful of Dollars in the other I then wandered around the gaming floor on the hunt for a slot machine about to payout. There are of course literally thousands of different slot machines in every Vegas casino so there was certainly a lot of choice.

There are many slot games which are still doing to rounds on the gaming floors that were available 7 years ago on my last visit. However, it was the latest brand New Las Vegas Slot Machines I was looking to play and as usual I wasn’t disappointed with the number of new slots on offer.

In fact, that very first slot playing session lasted 8 eight hours in total and I quickly amassed enough comp points to earn that $50 cash bonus! Eventually I could take no more gambling after the long plane journey and this 8-hour slot playing session so I ventured up to my room to sleep.

Out and About in Las Vegas

The next morning, I awoke and decided to visit some of the other casinos on the Strip and this led me to make a note and a review of all of the Las Vegas Casinos I visited. Please do take a look at that section of the website, for if you are looking for somewhere to gamble in Vegas I will give you my own thoughts and options on all of the casinos I visited.

It was not only gambling I was looking to do in Las Vegas for I also wanted to visit some of the world famous Las Vegas attractions, and much like I have done with the casinos I have visited, I have also put together and compiled some reviews on those attractions.

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