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Cookie & Privacy Policy

CasinosForMoney.com is an online casino comparison affiliate website which is not intended to be used by persons under 18 years of age. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding spamming and unsolicited emails. Any changes to the Cookie & Privacy Policy will be communicated to members via newsletter or our home page. The use of cookies on this site is implemented in order to help it run properly and provide a better browsing experience for you as a visitor. This Cookie & Privacy Policy outlines how information is collected and made use of when anyone visits CasinosForMoney.com.

What is Spam?

Spam is commercial emails or unsolicited bulk email, which has not been requested by the recipient. It can be labeled as intrusive, irrelevant or even offensive.
On the contrary, emails sent to a willing mailing list subscriber, or any legitimate personal or business emails, which are commonly anticipated, are the opposite of spam.

Email Communication

CasinosForMoney.com communicates with its members by means of emailing. Members are offered to subscribe to the mailing list in order to receive news, promotions offers, and other important information. Community members who prefer not to receive these emails are still able to accept the sites Terms and use our service. Members can opt-in or opt-out of the mailing list at any time they wish.


Email receivers can unsubscribe from the mailing list whenever they wish. Every email sent to a member contains an unsubscribe link where members can request to be removed from all of the site’s mailing lists.

Laws Pertaining to Spam

In consideration that CasinosForMoney.com visitors are from all over the world, and that Spam laws change from country to country, our anti-spam policy and practices maintain the highest standards worldwide.

Casinos For Money DOES NOT practice the following Spam activities:

  • Use of false headers, or other false information as the sender of the email, or to hide the true origin of the email sender.
  • Unauthorized use of a third party’s domain name without its permission to make it appear that the third party was the sender of the email.
  • Use of any false or misleading information in the subject line of the email.
  • Disclose or sell its mailing lists to third parties.
  • Purchase email lists – all of the subscribers of the site have opted-in.

Cookie? What’s that?

Cookies may be described as text files which store data while their users are accessing websites on the internet. Their primary use is to provide users with a better quality site experience by taking note of

information while you are surfing the web. Cookies are used to improve your browsing experience, by remembering specific interests and saving past-selected preferences.

We use cookies to collect non-personal data with respect to your activity on CasinosForMoney.com and track things such as your type of browser, our pages you visited and timings of your visit.

Cookies can be disabled by changing your browser settings and clearing cookies. However, if you disable cookies you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. By clicking accepting our cookie disclaimer button, you hereby consent to the processing of data for the reasons set out above. We will never disclose or resell collected cookie information to third parties.

Types of Cookies

Cookie Permission is what you need to accept when accessing our website for the first time and when no existing cookies have been stored. Cookies used on CasinosForMoney.com can be divided into the following categories.

Session cookies are used whilst you navigate our website. They are required for our website to function optimally and correctly and will be deleted when you close your browser. If you opt out of these cookies, your use of user experience might not be optimal.

Functional cookies save your preferences and settings and used as a basis for making personal adjustments of the information we present to you on our website. When you re-visit our website our platform will recover cookie information cookies to help improve experience.

Analytic cookies hold non-personal information about visits to our website visits and user behavior. This data is used for internal statistical analysis of our website to analyse trends, improve experience and diagnose technical issues. No information collected can be used to identify an individual person.

Personal & Non-personal Information

We use cookies to gather statistical data from users who visit our site. These refer to non-personal information that can never be used to identify a person and consists of aspects such as your location and time zone, the device you’re using and the ways in which you get around our site. We also make use of Google Analytics and HotJar to analyse how users access and use our website as well as to measure general site activity and internet usage which help us better understand our visitors’ behaviour and further improve the performance of our website.

We aim to protect personal information of our website’s visitors. This is why we promise to never use it against anyone’s will and everyone has the right to opt-in or opt-out from receiving promotional materials from us – simply by “Unsubscribing” from the list.

You can even opt-out from Google Analytics by here; additionally, if you would like to opt out of HotJar, you can do so by clicking here.

Policy Changes

It is good to highlight the fact that our Cookie & Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Any such changes will be added to this page accordingly. Please note that we do not use cookies for any other purposes other than what is stated above and we will never share Cookie or Personal information with third parties.

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If you have any questions or queries about our Cookie & Privacy Policy please contact us by clicking here.

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