Using Boleto Bancário at Online Casinos

boletoThere are quite a number of different casino banking options available at various casinos that are country specific, and as such if you are living in certain countries you are likely to come across one or two deposit and/or withdrawal options that can be quite cost effective.

Should you live in Brazil then you are going to be able to use the Boleto Bancário option for making instant deposits into several casino sites, however as you may be blissfully unaware of just how this banking option works and operates, below you will find an in-depth guide on just how easy it is to use, and should you have been struggling to find a safe and secure and convenient way to fund your online casino accounts then do keep on reading.

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How Does Boleto Bancário Work?

The way that this payment method works is quite unique in as much as you need to generate an online payment slip yourself, this can be done by logging into any online casino that lets you fund your account using this banking option and select that option from the banking options available.

You can then choose just how much you wish to deposit into that casino site and then once done you will be able to print off the payment slip. You can then opt to visit any bank or post office or a range of local supermarkets and you simply present the payment slip along with your cash payment and you will then find your payment being added to your casino account in real time.

However, there is a much easier way to use Boleto Bancário and that is for you to use your banks online service, you will be able to add funds via this banking option online via the banking interface at the casino site you are playing at and your funds will be instantly debited from your bank account and transferred instantly into your casino account.

This does let you have full control over funding your casino accounts for if you do not wish to link or use your bank account then you can choose to pay in cash at post offices, banks and selected supermarkets.

Please note as part of the security protocols in place you are only going to be able to utilize the online banking option if you have a Brazilian bank account and you have a tax number, should you not have both then you will not be able to link up your bank account and use it to fund a casino account using this Boleto option. This is a great option for Brazilians though, and it just makes it easier to play at casinos for real money in even more countries around the world.

A couple of other aspects of using Boleto as a banking option that you should consider, the first being there are going to be fees attached to using this banking option and as such do factor in those fees and charges when you intend to use this option.

Secondly Boleto Bancário is a one way deposit only banking option and as such you will not be able to use it to withdraw winnings from an online casino, however all of the casinos that accept Boleto Bancário will of course give their players a range of other withdrawal options, allowing them to be able to withdraw their winnings quickly.

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