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dond-rouletteOne game that is readily available on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals is Roulette, and when you decide to play one of these bookies Roulette games you first have to pick the variant you wish to play for there are many of them on offer.

Below is an overview of the many different types and Roulette variants which can be found on a FOBT and there are some subtle differences in regards to just how each of these games play and payout, however always remember that each game is completely random and you will be getting a fair chance of winning no matter which one you finally decide to play.


The very first Roulette game which went live when the FBOT’s started to appear in betting shops does look somewhat old and tired now, however it is still available to play and being a single zero variant you will possibly find it entertaining to play if not basic. This particular variant is also used as a low stake game and some betting shops set the minimum chips values at just 0.05.

Re-Play Roulette

One FOBT Roulette game that is proving very popular with players is the Re-Play Roulette game for when playing this particular variant you may get the chance to win even if the game you have just played was a losing one, and as such a losing player will hope to see the Re-Play feature triggering and being awarded to them to allow them to have another spin of the Roulette wheel.

Roulette Plus

The Roulette Plus FOBT game is a graphically enhanced variant of Roulette, the chip values are all adjustable with the minimum one being 0.25. It is quite a good looking game thanks to the way the graphics work and play out.

Key Bet Roulette

This Key Bet FOBT game will see players given the option of placing a bet on the Key Bet betting location and should the ball land on that special position on the wheel the player will then be awarded one of several bonus payouts, which could see them winning the maximum £500 jackpot.

Hot Shot Roulette

This is another Roulette game found exclusively on FOBT machines on which a side bet wager can be placed, the aim of this side bet is that a range of cash prizes can be won whenever the ball lands in the Hot Shot ball well, the more a player wagers on this betting location the bigger and better the bonus payouts can and will become.

4 Ball Roulette

The only possible advantage you will get when playing the 4 Ball FOBT Roulette game is that you could win four times in one game, however each ball in play does require its own separate stake, so you may be better off playing a single ball game and just putting four times as a high a stake on the numbers you have chosen.

Deal or No Deal Roulette

When playing the brand new Deal or No Deal FOBT Roulette game a player has the option of placing a special additional bet in the hope one of two bonus games are triggered, the first will see the playing spinning a telephone dial and whichever hole is spun in that will be the amount of cash the player is awarded with.

The second bonus game feature round that can be triggered is the conventional game of Deal or No Deal where you have to pick a box and then remove a set of boxes off the bonus screen, and a Banker offer will be coming your way on each round of this bonus game.

Roulette Super Gambler

At the end of a winning game of the Roulette Super Gambler FOBT Roulette game a player is given the option of gambling their winnings, this gamble type game is of course completely optional and players are under no obligation to take that gamble option, but if they do they could massively increase their original winning payout.

Lucky Number Roulette

There is a very big difference between the Lucky Numbers Roulette game and all others found on the FOBT machines and that is there is a much larger amount of numbers in play on the Roulette wheel.

In total there are 50 positions on the betting layout and Roulette wheel and these include one zero and all of the numbers from one to forty nine inclusive.

Playing Online Roulette Games Similar to FOBT Roulette Variants

You are going to find plenty of Roulette game variants available online which play and pay in similar ways to all of the above FOBT Roulette game variants, in fact unlike FOBT machines you are able to play any of the online Roulette game variants either for free or for real money.

There is one Roulette game available online that you may enjoy playing if you like placing the occasional side bet and having a range of bonus payouts available and this is the Microgaming Roulette Royale game which boasts a huge progressive jackpot.

When you play this game which is available at selected Microgaming software powered online casino sites for a single 1.00 obligatory side bet wager then a range of special bonus payouts will be coming your way as soon as one number spins in two or more times on the trot.

The winning bonus payout increases the more times that one number spins in, and if you get one number appearing five times on the trot then the progressive jackpot is instantly awarded to you. Spin in one number twice, three times or four times on the trot and the bonus payout is 15.00, 200.00 and 3000.00 respectively, and you will often be amazed at just how often one number does appear consecutively when playing Roulette online so it is a game and bonus bet worth taking and placing from time to time.

Have a look around our website for there are quite a number of other fairly unique online Roulette games available from all of our featured casino sites.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

March 5, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.