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fixed-odds-betting-terminalFruit and slot machines go into something called an attract mode when no one is playing them, and this is when the game will flash all of its lights, occasionally play some of its sound effects and spin its reels in an attempt to get someone in the venue where it is located to wander over and give it some play time.

However the FOBT machines found in all land based betting shops do not go into such a mode, and this is due to these machines being so popular players are often queuing up to play them and never need any incentive to wander over and check them out, whether through flashing lights or weird sounds being emitted from them.

If you have been a player of the FOBT’s for any length of time then you will know that there are a huge amount of different games which you can play on any on single Fixed Odds Betting Terminal, you simply have to select the category of games you are interested in playing and all of the available ones are then displayed.

However, what you may not know is that you will find a range of online slots games which are often identical to the FOBT Slot Machines but with one or two player beneficial differences attached to them which makes playing these slot games much better paying slots when playing them online as opposed to playing them in a betting shop.

Below we have listed a range of online slot games which are available to play online which are similar to FOBT slot games, but with some subtle difference attached to the way they play out.

Play FOBT Slots Online

We hinted above that there are several different added benefits of playing FOBT Slots online and we shall now give you a quick run through of all of these benefits. The first is that you can play both FOBT slots and those available online for different stake levels, however when you play these slots online you will not be getting a lower payout percentages if you chose to play them for low stake levels.

The payout percentages attached to FOBT slot games drops lower and lower when you lower the coin and stake values, however when playing the online equivalents the payout percentages remain the same and these are always way higher than the FOBT slots payout percentages.

You are also limited to only being able to win £500 per single game played on any FOBT machine but when playing the online versions of the games you can win much higher amounts, even when playing for very low stake levels.

Once final advantage of playing FOBT slot games online is that you will be earning loyalty points when playing them for real money and those points can be exchanged for cash, plus bonuses will also be offered to you from time to time by the online casinos that carry those slot games, which will extend your play time and give you even more chances of winning, and that is something land based betting shops never offer their customers.

The following list of online slot games are those which you will also find available on FOBT machines, however, do remember all of the benefits of playing these slots as mentioned above are going to be found available when playing them at any of our featured online casino sites that carry these games, which by the way are all of our Playtech Software Powered Casinos.

Rocky Slot – One slot game which many FOBT players enjoy getting stuck into playing and one which can also be found in Playtech Casino sites is the Rocky slot, and as the name of this multi line, bonus game awarding slot implies it is themed around Rocky Balboa who was played by Sylvester Stallone in all of the Rocky films that have been shown repeatedly on television over the years.

What makes this slot highly playable and one players’ have readily warmed to is that there are two high frequency bonus game which get triggered often, the first is a set of free spins and the other bonus game is a Knockout type of game which is of course based on a Boxing Match.

Magic 7 Slot – If there was just one slot game that deserves pride of place in a betting shop it is the Magic 7 slot, for this game is a tribute to the world famous jockey who is Frankie Dettori, and whilst maybe not a favourite of betting shop operators due to him winning every single race on the card at Ascot many years ago that cost the bookies a fortune, it is good to see he has being immortalized on both an online and FOBT slot game.

The online version of this game comes with a jackpot worth a massive 7777 coins and you are able to trigger a set of free spins when playing the base game or you could end up being awarded the Magic 7 bonus game on which you then get to take part in a picking game where a range of cash payouts can instantly be won.

Monty’s Millions Slot – The main attraction for players when playing the Monty’s Millions slot is that with there being the option of playing 40 paylines per spin, and as the game boasts a set of stacked Wild symbols, then it is quite possible to get some very large winning combinations forming when they both put into play the maximum number of paylines and those stacked wild symbols fill the screen.

Should you wish to experience the benefits of playing FOBT slot games online then we invite you to take a look around our website, for many of the casinos that offer the above games will give you some very large sign up bonuses when you register as a new player, and this will enable you to give the above slots games a good going over with a much larger slot playing budget than normal.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

February 27, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.