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fixed-odds-betting-terminalWe should start this article by letting you know that it is very easy to over spend when playing an FOBT machine, and as such as a responsible gambling news and information website we would like you to consider putting into place a sensible and very well thought out playing strategy before you start to play any of the available FOBT games.

By making sure you know well in advance the exact amount of money you are prepared to lose when playing a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal, and at the same time knowing when to stop playing if you have reached a pre-determined winning goal, then you will ensure you play and gamble in a very structured way and will never be left with that very deflating feeling when you have spent way more than you should have done in any one single gaming session.

Below is a step by step FOBT Playing system that you should consider following, gambling in any shape or form does carry a lot of risks and only when you can confidentially control the amount you wager will you look at playing FOBT’s as an affordable pass time and an enjoyable, entertaining and very occasionally a profit thing to do.

How to Play FOBT’s Responsibly

Here is just one way of playing FOBT’s, please do put into play a playing strategy when playing FOBT’s and no matter which of the many games available on these machines you intend to play always know your limits.

Gaming Budget

Always plan ahead of you entering any betting shop the amount of cash you are prepared to lose in any one session, and only ever take that amount of cash with you into the betting shop. Never take a debit or credit card with you as by leaving those cards at home you will never be tempted to visit the ATM or to use your cards to get credits added to the machines.

Stake Levels

You are best off dividing up your available playing budget by a fairly large number as by for example dividing your 50.00 playing budget into 50 equal chunks and using that figure as the amount you will stake per game, in this case 1.00 per game, then you will know at the very least if you do not win one single game, that you are going to be able to have fifty tries on whatever game it is you are playing.

Also never be afraid of lower the coin values on the FOBT slot games down to the lowest setting or if available play 5p chips when playing the Roulette games, as low stake gaming will still give you a thrill and you can still win some sizable amounts even when playing for tiny and modest stake amounts.

Stop Loss

It is always better to stop playing FOBT machines and leave the betting shop with some money still in your pocket. The number of gamblers who leave only when they have not a penny left in their pocket can be alarming.

So why not tell yourself that as soon as you lose 50% of your betting budget then you will walk away and save that money for another day, this regimented way of gambling will instil a much more sensible outlook to gambling.

Winning Goal

One way in which you can heavily control your gambling sessions whilst at the same time guaranteeing that if you win you never lose those winnings back is to put into place a winning goal before you start gambling on an FOBT.

The most successful punters are those who know when to call it a day when gambling and one way of easily doing this is to tell yourself that when you have increased your initial starting budget by X amount then you will cash out your winnings on the FOBT’s and walk out of that betting shop you are gambling in.

It does of course call for a very strong willed punter to stop gambling when they are winning, and the lower the amount of cash you set as your winning goal the better your overall winning chances and winning sessions will become.

Many FOBT players will set too high a winning goal figure which usually sees them busting out long before they every reach their winning goal, so consider setting yourself a winning goal of a modest amount which could be 25% or even 50% of your starting gambling budget.

If you have 50.00 to gamble with then if you end up with 75.00 at any time during that FOBT playing session stop playing, cash out and be happy that you have had a winning session, it will be a much better feeling leaving the bookies shop in profit than leaving it with empty pockets.

FOBT Tournaments

As there are bound to be a large number of betting shops close to where you live, then do remember that at the quieter times of the day many of these betting shops offer a free to enter slot tournament.

Should you have no gambling budget left to play with but have the urge to play on the FOBT’s then do a quick walk around your local betting shops and take a note of when their free to play tournaments are being held.

You are never going to have to pay an entry fee to take part in these free to enter tournaments and whilst most of them have a fairly modest set of payouts awarded and given to the players who manage to amass the highest score when playing one of their tournament slot games, this is an excellent way of getting your FOBT game playing fix without ever risking any of your own money.

However, if you do decide to give these tournaments a try then make sure you do not go into the bookmakers with any money in your pocket as you never want to be tempted to play those funds and run the risk of losing them when you can least afford to do so.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

March 3, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.