A Christmas Story Slot Machine Review

a-christmas-story-slotYou may have seen my article on this website which gave an overview on my recent trip to Las Vegas which was taken in the run up and over Christmas time in 2015, well one slot game which made an appearance on many casinos gaming floors during that trip was the brand new A Christmas Story slot machine.

It is quite unusual for a slot game to have a theme based on the time of year in land based casinos, for obviously they will only be popular at certain times of the year. However, this slot always did have players getting stuck into playing it when I came across them and as such it may become something of a classic slot which stays on the casino floors throughout the year.

To give you something of a much better understanding of what this slot has to offer players, below I have compiled an overview of all of its features both which can be triggered via the base game and the bonus game and what you can win when playing it online.

This slot machine has been designed to be a penny slot game, however you will need to put into play at least 50 coins per spin as the paylines are fixed and you are not going to be able to play a smaller number of pay lines.

However, with the minimum cost per spin being just 0.50 it will be a fun to play slot which does offer you he chance of winning big at any time, thanks to its generous pay table and those regularly awarded bonus features, and of course with those three progressive jackpots too.

Key Features

There is an abundance of base game and bonus game feature rounds that can be triggered when you are playing the new A Christmas Story slot game. Below is an overview of each of them all of which I feel are worth triggering.

The Bumpus Hounds – You will see the screen being filled with charging hounds when this bonus game is awarded via the base game and when it does trigger those hounds are going to leave a trail of wild symbols on the slot game screen which will stick to the reels to help increase your chances of forming a winning combination or more than one.

The Pink Nightmare – When this base game feature is awarded to you the reel symbols can be turned completely wild, obviously you are going to be hoping as many of the reels get turned wild as is possible for the more of them that do the greater your chances will be of winning big.

It’s a Clinker – This rather unusual base game feature which could be awarded to you as you are playing off any one single spin on the A Christmas Story slot game is going to see a set of wild symbols being added to the reels. The aim of course is to have as many wilds in place and being added to the reels you possibly can as that will be the best way to form multiplier winning combinations.

It’s Christmas Morning – At the top of the A Christmas Story slot game you will see the bonus wheel, and the way in which you are going to get to play of that bonus round is by triggering and being awarded with the It’s Christmas Morning bonus game.

As soon as it is awarded to you the bonus wheel will spin and whichever segment of that wheel spins in will be the cash prize you are awarded with.

Progressive Jackpots – There are three live and in play progressive jackpots attached to the A Christmas Story slot machine, for reference they are called the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpot. Whist those jackpots are not network wide and will not grow to the very dizzy heights in value as some other Las Vegas Casinos lots can and do all three of them are worth winning.

Those progressive jackpots have a high hit frequency and as such you will not be waiting for very long for them to be awarded.

Our Thoughts

It is often said that Aristocrat designed and supplied slot games are dull and boring slots to play due to their rather basic sound effects and some rather basic animations, whilst that may be the case on some of their older slot machines the next generation of slots come with all of the bells and whistles you would expected from a major slot machine designer.

Just keep in mind that the A Christmas Story slot is a Christmas themed slot machine and it is not always going to delivery to you a stream of presents via spun in winning combinations or high paying bonus feature games.

Overall I did actually find this slot too fast a playing slot and my credit meter did seem to diminish rather quickly, whilst I am sure some players do well on this slot and get a fully rounded slot playing session, when it is in a non paying out cycle, as I experienced you will probably be sat there ranting at the slot to spin in the bonus symbols so the bonus game can play off.

The unusual wild symbols which are stacked can spin in on several reels and will help you form multiple winning combinations when they do, however some of the lower paying reel symbols will award you with much less than your stake when they spin in and form a winning combination which is something of a pet hate of mine.

However, do not be put off playing this slot game for the sound effects and great, there is no getting away from the fact the animations and brilliant too, I just wish it has paid out a little bit more when I played it so I could experience seem of the additional bonus games that other players sat around me playing this slot machine seemed to be triggering left, right and centre, maybe next time.

January 19, 2016 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.