The Different Live Dealer Casino Game Types

live-dealer-blackjackShould you have found our Introduction to Live Casino Games has sparked an interest in you and you now fancy getting stuck into playing some of the many games on offer in a Live Dealer/Croupier format then the following article is going to be of great interest to you.

Below we have listed all of the currently available Live Casino Games and also to allow you to locate exactly the type of game you are looking for we have also linked in sections of our website that will showcase to you a range of casinos using different software platforms that offer these types of games.

Live Casino Card Games

Below are all of the currently available Live Dealer Casino Games all of which are available to play online. Follow the links for a deeper insight into what is on offer by way of rules and payouts on each of the games which are of interest to you.

Live Dealer Baccarat – The classic and very easy to play game of Baccarat is one that is very easy to master and play. This game appeals to many players as when Lady Luck shines on them they can often go on long and extended winning streaks due to the way this game is structured.

Live Dealer Blackjack – We are fairly confident that once you actually sit down and get stuck into playing any of the Live Dealer Blackjack games available at any of our top rated casino sites you will never want to return to playing the somewhat outdated software driven online Blackjack games.

Live Common Draw Blackjack – The brand new Common Draw Blackjack games offer something no other Live Blackjack games offer, and that is they allow an unlimited number of players to be sat around one single table! Read up about this newly structured Blackjack game for it adds another level of excitement to all of your online card game playing.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em – One of the more recently launched Live Casino Card Games is the Casino Hold’em game. This is of course a Poker based casino game on which you can win a range of unique payouts once you have been dealt out certain hand combinations. Do consider giving this game a try if you are looking for something a little more exciting to play than Blackjack.

New NetEnt Live Dealer Games – If you want to play Live Blackjack but want to play it at an online casino using a no download required gaming platform, then it will be a NetEnt software powered site you ought to be looking to play at. They have brought out a couple of brand new Live Casino Games recently and as such you should be able to find a game that suites your playing style and your gaming budget quite easily.

Playing Live Roulette Games Online

If you are one of the many players who love nothing more than spending an entire gaming session playing Roulette then make sure you get stuck into playing Live Roulette as it is as close to playing in a land based casino as you can get, without having to leave your own front door.

Live Roulette Games – When you are hunting around for a live Roulette game to play make sure you stick to those games with just one zero on the wheel and avoid any games with the American Roulette variants two zeros on the wheel as those latter named games come with a much higher house edge.

Where to Play Live Casino Games Online

You are going to find quite a number of our featured and top rated online casino sites are going to offer you a diverse range of Live Casino Games, and as such, if you are interested in giving this next generation of online casino games some play time, then do have a look through our listing of casinos which is categorised by the actual gaming platforms offered at each site.

Microgaming Casinos – One of the very first gaming platforms to make a range of Live Casino Games available was Microgaming’s, and we have always been a fan of their range of games and have reviewed several different yet all very well run casinos for you. Playing at any Microgaming powered site will give you the option of choosing one of several different currency options on which you can play their live games and plenty of bonus offers are up for grabs to new players.

NetEnt Casinos – It may be worth you checking out our listed NetEnt software powered online casinos, for all of the sites powered by this industry leading software company utilize a no download required type of gaming platform so you will be able to access and play their Live casino games instantly. By choosing to play at a NetEnt software powered casino you’re going to find the brand new Live Common Draw Blackjack game on offer, and that is a game worth playing.

Playtech Casinos – Playtech have a very wide range of Live Casino games available, and as such if you are a fan of this company’s gaming platforms then you will be pleased to know there are a huge number of casinos offering these types of games. Have a look at our collection of top rated Playtech casinos for by doing so you will find casinos offering multi currency options, fast winning payouts plus many of them offer real money comps to anyone playing their collection of Live Casino Games online.

Grand Parker Casino – You are going to find another collection of Live Casino Games offered at the Grand Parker Casino site, this casino uses the Top Game gaming platform, so if you are looking for a change from your usual online casinos then this is a casino well worth checking out, for not only will you find lots of Live Dealer games on offer but you will also come across many unique software driven games that you may never have played before.

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