Benefits of Playing Playtech’s Live Dealer Roulette

Should you be looking around and comparing different Live Roulette gaming platforms, then there are many unique benefits of opting to utilize the one offered at Playtech powered casino sites, for this highly regarded and top class casino Software Company have spared no expense in ensuring their Live Gaming platform is one of the very best ones around.

Below is our own review of the Playtech Live Roulette game, do give it a good read through for when you find out just how robust and reliable it is and just how easy it is to use you may be itching to give it a try for yourself, and if you are then all of our listed and top rated Playtech powered casinos will offer you this Live Dealer Roulette.

High Definition Video Stream

The one main outstanding benefit of choosing to use a Playtech powered suite of Live Dealer Roulette games is that the video quality is perfect, all broadcasts from the land based venues used on Playtech Live Roulette are high definition and as such keeping track of the ball as it is in play and spinning around the Roulette wheel is easy, and a zoom animation ensures you always will know instantly where the ball has landed.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

With more and more casino game players now utilizing casino sites with mobile phones and tablet devices then this is something that Playtech have certainly not overlooked in the design of their Live Dealer Roulette games, and as such you are now able to use any kind of mobile device to access and play not only their Live Online Roulette games but also any other Live Dealer games they have on offer.

Should you prefer playing on a Laptop or PC then you are of course always able to do this, however should you be out and about and have some time to burn then do consider logging on and giving the Live Roulette from Playtech some play time, it will certainly add a little excitement to an otherwise dull or boring journey or pass some time when you are stuck in an airports’ departure lounge.

Varied Stake Options

Playtech do of course know that every player has their own different sized gaming budget, and to make their Live Roulette games as accessible to a wider audience as is possible they offer different stake limits on all of their games.

This will mean when you log into any Playtech powered site offering Live Dealer Roulette you will be given access to different Roulette tables on which different stake limits are in place. Some Playtech casino sites will let you place wagers as low as just 0.50, or if you are a high rolling player then you will find their High Limit Live Roulette games will let you place wagers as high as 5000.00 per spin.

Call Bets Available

The race track layout which is visible on the betting area of the Live Roulette game is where you can place any single type of Call Bet, this enables you to place your regularly placed wagers on your chosen numbers quickly and easily.

Chat Box Facility

All of Playtech’s Live Dealer games have a chat facility, and their Live Roulette is no different. You can chat to any of the other players sat around the table or even chat to the Croupier. This chat box can be turned off if you find it a distraction.

Ball History Display

It you are the type of Roulette player who likes to keep track of which numbers are spinning in more than others then you will be interested to learn about the Ball History Display that is another feature of Playtech’s Live Roulette games.

Displayed prominently on the Live Roulette games screen you will see a small box on which are displayed the last thirteen numbers that have been spin in. This will enable you to instantly see if any one number is hot or cold.

Single Zero Roulette

The wisest of Roulette players know that there are both low house edge Roulette games are there are high house edge games, the best Live Roulette games to play are those offering a low house edge and as such Playtech’s Single Zero variant is the one offering that.

With one zero on the wheel then the house edge of this game is a modest 2.70%, be warned some other Live Gaming platforms only offer a Double Zero Roulette game and playing on those variants means the house edge increases to a large 5.26%.

Neighbour Betting Option

If you have played Roulette in a land based casino before then you may have come across the Neighbours bet, printed on the betting layout is a race trace type of betting area and by placing one chip on any number on that race track you are then able to choose to additionally place a wager on numbers next to that chosen number on the actual wheel layout.

Playtech’s Live Roulette game has the Neighbour betting option, and as such if you with to place a bet that covers a series on numbers all next to each other on the wheel then you can do just that on the race track layout quickly and with one click of your mouse.

Double Roulette

Should you be seeking the maximum number of Roulette games that can be played via a Live Gaming platform when you play at Playtech powered sites you are now able to play at two tables simultaneously.

These two games are completely independent to each other and will be displayed on your screen via a split widow, and as such you can place bets on either or both of them at the same time. This could mean you winning twice as fast if of course your chosen numbers actually spin in, however the opposite is also true and you may lose twice as quickly by playing in a Double Roulette type of way.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

December 9, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.