NetEnt Live Dealer Roulette

It would appear that NetEnt take slightly longer in the design and development of their casino games as they are never in a rush to release new games onto their gaming platform, however the sheer quality of all of their new games that get released do shine through.

One of their recent major developments to their no download only suite of casino games has been the addition of live casino games, and they have finally released their long awaited live Roulette game which is sure to give online Roulette players the ultimate playing experience.

What separates this live dealer Roulette from all others that are available online is the high definition graphics along with its smooth game play, which ensures everyone wishing to get stuck into playing Roulette in a live format is able to do that no matter what type of computer or operating system they are accessing the games on.

In this section of the website we are going to take a closer look at NetEnt’s Live Roulette game to see if is ticks all of the right boxes, and if you like what you are about to read, then remember we have some of the best run and operated NetEnt software powered online casinos listed throughout our site, all of whom now carry the live suite of casino games.

Net Entertainment Live Roulette

Image shows the live roulette game at Unibet Casino

Live Dealer Playing Structure and Format

There are a huge number of differences between the standard Roulette games you are going to find at all online casinos and the live Roulette games such as NetEnt’s excellent and must play variant.

The first thing you need to be aware of, which the word live gives you an indication of, is that unlike other online Roulette games there is no random number generator generating the winning number that is about to be spun in on any game you play, nor are computer generated graphics used to play out the spinning of the ball.

NetEnt use a high definition video stream to show a real live Roulette game in play, and as such a real life Croupier is employed and is using a real Roulette wheel and a physical ball to determine the result of each spin of the wheel, and this is why playing live Roulette is a 100 times better than playing at a software and random number generator driven type of online casino!

Thanks to the know how gained from over a decade of experience, the NetEnt suite of live Roulette games will play seamlessly on most computers and operating systems, and once you decide to give these games a try they will certainly liven up your playing experience, to the point that you will no longer wish to play standard online Roulette games again!

Fact and Figures

The Live Roulette game from NetEnt is of course a multi-player game, and as such you are not simply playing on your own but alongside players who could be anywhere in the world, and being a community based game you will of course be able to interact with your fellow players via the chat room, an overview of how this works is given below.

You will be playing the more popular Single Zero Roulette variant when you play live Roulette at any of our featured NetEnt software powered casino sites, and this means you will have full access to a low house edge game, which based on the European Roulette playing rules ensures a house edge of just 2.70%, or if you prefer us listing this as a payout percentage that works out at a RTP of 97.30%.

Betting Options and Game Play Rules

Let us now give you an idea of the many different betting options, game playing rules and of course the actual stake levels at which you can play NetEnt’s live Roulette game for.

The minimum wager required to allow you to be involved in any one single game of live Roulette is just 1.00 and the maximum single wager is a whopping 50,000.00 (casino specific) so all stake levels and players are very well catered for.

It is worth us noting that dependent on just which NetEnt online casino site you are playing at you will be given the option of choosing a different currency setting option at which your account will be based, so if you are in Europe then you can choose Euros, if you are in the UK then Pounds Sterling is an option for your casino accounts base currency, and so on!

Winning Payouts

There are, as you may or may not already be aware, a whole slew of different betting opportunities available when you play NetEnt’s live Roulette game, and below we have listed some of the most commonly placed wagers along with the respective winning payouts for each betting proposition listed.

Straight Up Number – There are 36 numbers on the live Roulette wheel and also an addition single zero, you are permitted to place your wagers on as many or as few of these single numbers or the zero as you so choose. If any one of them spins in and you have wagered on that number then a payout of 35 to 1 is awarded to you.

Split Bet – There are lots of numbers on the live Roulette betting layout that are directly next to each other, and one wager type that you can place is called a Split Bet, simply place a chip on any dividing line between any two numbers and that wager will cover those two numbers on the next spin. If either of them spin in you will get a winning payout of 17 to 1.

Street Bet – When you look at the live Roulette betting layout you will see the numbers are in rows of three across the table, and as such should you wish to place one single wager on all three of any of these three numbers, then just place your chips on the outside line of them, this type of three number wager is called a street bet and if any of those three numbers spins in you are going to get paid out at odds of 11 to 1.

Corner Bet – You are able to place a single wager which will cover four numbers of the Roulette wheel, this is known as a corner wager and it pays out at odds of 8 to 1. To cover such a wager just click to place your chop on the corner position of any set of four numbers next to each other on the betting layout.

Line Bet – You can place a wager on six numbers, and this is done via the Line bet, this is simply two sets of Street bets, and as such when you place such a wager by playing you chip on the dividing line between any two sets of three numbers and any of them spin in you are paid out at odds of 5 to 1.

Dozen Bets – You can cover a lot of different numbers is what is known as a Dozen bet, obviously with the name of this wagering type being what it is you are covering, in total, twelve numbers on the Roulette wheel with each of these wager types you place.

You can pick the first 12 numbers, the second twelve numbers or the third twelve numbers, or cover any column of numbers on the betting table layout, when any one of those 12 numbers spins in on any single spin of the wheel then your winning payout is 2 to 1.

Even Money Bets – Obviously the more numbers you cover on any single spin of the live Roulette game you play then the better your chances will be that you have chosen one of the winning numbers that spins in!

The Even Money bets are probably the most popular type of wagers placed on any Roulette game, and they suit to more conservative type of Roulette player who wants excellent value from their gambling budget and of course the maximum winning chances.

You will find each of the Even Money bets we are about to list payout quite aptly at even money! These types of bets include Red or Black, High or Low and Odd or Even. You can place a wager on any or all of these even money paying wagers on each game you play as long as they are within the stake limited permitted.

Chat Room Facility

To make playing live Roulette a tad more like the real playing environment that you will find in a land based casino, NetEnt have chosen to attach to their live casino games a chat room feature, and this is how you can interactive with the Croupiers or your fellow players.

This chat room can of course be turned off if you prefer no distractions when playing, however if you are the type of player who likes interacting, chatting to and having lots of light hearted banter when playing Roulette, then simply activate the chat room and get chatting!

Please do ensure you are using common sense when chatting in the live Roulette chat room, no one likes a smart Alex or abuse etc when gambling online, and anyone found to be abusing other players or the Croupiers may find themselves banned from using the chat room facility or even locked out of the live casino games!

Live Roulette Playing Tips

There are a handful of different playing hints and tips we can share with you for playing live Roulette, have a look through these below to ensure you get the best winning opportunities when you are in a gambling mind-set!

Martingale System – Never be tempted to play betting systems that require you to double your previous wagers value when a losing wager has just occurred when playing live Roulette or in fact any type of Roulette game.

These systems which usually all revolve around the Martingale betting system can be catastrophic when you are on a losing streak and can decimate even the largest of player’s bankrolls when things are not going to plan!

Low Chip Values – You will not be looking for a few minutes of action when you are playing live Roulette, the longer a playing session you get the more enjoyment and winning opportunities there will be, and with this in mind do not forget that you will be able to pick the chip values at which you are playing for.

The lowest chips setting on NetEnt’s live Roulette game is just 1.00 and this is what you should be looking to be playing for when you have a modestly sized playing budget, you can of course increase them according to you playing style and bankroll, but never get too carried away when playing, for a losing sequence of spin of the wheel is just as likely as a winning sequence of numbers spinning in!

Hot and Cold Numbers – One additional feature that some Roulette players may find interesting, probably more so if they are a system type of player, is the Hot and Cold Numbers display which is shown on the screen when you are playing live Roulette at a NetEnt software powered casino site.

This is where you will find which numbers are hot and which numbers are cold based on how many times a certain set of numbers has been spun in recently. Whilst each spin is of course random, from time to time some numbers do have a tendency to spin in much more often than others, and by keeping your eyes on the display panel you will instantly see which ones are hot or not!

Choose Your Croupiers
– You will find not just one open live Roulette table in action when you log in to play but several different Croupiers will be doing their thing, and as such if you are superstitious then you can of course choose a table with the Croupier you like the look of!

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