Live Dealer Roulette Strategy

This live roulette game strategy guide is part of our range of guides that make up our Live Casino Game Playing Strategies series, and as such we are about to uncover and explain to you in full detail, how you can playing live roulette games in the most optimal and strategic way, to ensure you get the maximum winning opportunities.

There are several different aspects to playing live roulette games that are quite different from the standard software driven roulette games offered at all online casino sites, and to ensure you know what to expect we will also enlighten you on what these differences are.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that playing live roulette online is both exciting and as near as you can get to playing roulette in a land based casinos but without ever having to leave your home.

Choosing a Live Roulette Game to Play

Let us introduce you to the different types of live roulette games that you will come across at any online casino that has a live gaming platform on offer. It should be noted that not all of the live casino sites will offer you all of the following roulette game variants, however you are best advised to locate and only ever play at a casino that has the French roulette game or the European roulette game, the reasons for us saying this will soon become apparent.

Live American Roulette – There are two different house edges attached to the American live roulette game, and it will be dependent on which betting positions you place a wager on as to which house edge you will be playing against.

The Bucket Bet, which is described in detail below, has a huge house edge of 7.89%, and all of the other betting positions have a house edge of 5.26%. Please avoid playing this variant of live roulette as there are some much better versions available, and as such if the casino you are playing at only offers live American roulette games, then you are best off choosing another casino at which to play at that has either of the two following games on offer.

Live European Roulette – Much like when you are playing in a land based casino, the one variant of roulette that is most readily available at a live casino site is the European Roulette game. This game unlike the one mentioned above has one single zero on the wheel, and the house edge on every single one of the betting positions is 2.70%.

Live French Roulette – One live roulette game which is rarely found at live casino sites, but you may find it available if you look hard enough is the French roulette game variant. When you are playing this game and placing any wager the house edge on those wagers are identical to the European variant, with the exception of the even money paying bets.

We have gone into detail as to what effect a special set of rules has on the house edge of the even money paying bets on this particular roulette game below, so do keep on reading for more information.

Best and Worst Bets to Place on a Live Roulette Game

Depending on just which live roulette game you end up playing you will find some good valued bets to place on the betting layout and a few that are best left well alone, have a look through this section as we will explain why some bets are better than others.

Bucket Bet – If the only game you can find in the casino at which you are playing at is the American variant, then all of the payouts attached to the betting opportunities are fairly standard, however there is one bet you should avoid placing on this roulette table as it has an even higher house edge than that of all of the other positions.

This bet is the Bucket Bet option as it is known, and this is a single wager that covers both the single zero and double zero and numbers one, two and three. The payout odds you will receive if you place this bet and one of the numbers spins in is 5 to 1 and the house edge on that bet is 7.89% as opposed to 5.26% on all of the other betting positions.

Even Money Bets – The game you really do need to be playing to get the lowest house edge when placing even money paying bets is the French Roulette game. The standard payouts on all other betting positions on this table game are 2.70% with the exception of the even money paying positions.

When a zero spins in and you have placed any even money paying bet your either get half of your losing staked refunded to you, or those bets remain in play for the next spin of the wheel, and that reduces the house edge down to 1.35% on those betting opportunities.

Real Money Online Option

Due to the way that live roulette games work and play, you are going to be unable to play them for free, as only real money options are offered at casinos which have a live gaming platform available.

The actual chip values and stake options available on live roulette games will vary from casino to casino, however you are likely to find the vast majority of casinos offering these games will require you to place a minimum chip valued at 1.00 before you can participate in the games.

Bonuses and player comps are awarded in much the same way on live casino sites are they are at software driven casinos, however you do need to be aware there are usually maximum stake rules in place when you claim a bonus and use it on any live roulette games and also you will often find the play through requirements on one of these bonuses can be set slightly higher than when for example you play slot games at an online casino site.

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