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Massachusetts could be launching online gambling games soon

deborahThere is news coming out of the US state of Massachusetts this week, that online gambling could be coming to the state – in a form. Although they are certainly no nearer to approving online real money casinos in the Bay State, New England’s most populous state could still be ready to offer online lottery games in the very near future.

Politician sponsored gaming

According to reports, it is one of the state’s most powerful politicians who is trying to push through the new law, legalised online lottery games. Deborah Goldberg – who is the state treasurer of Massachusetts is trying to get the deal past the lottery retailers, who have up until this moment been incredibly opposed to the idea. Their logical is simple enough to grasp – if lottery ticket buyers don’t need to leave their house, they are going to see a drop in revenue.

Is approval likely?

That depends. It did appear as though the new legislation could actually get the go-ahead once upon a time. The Massachusetts Senate already approved the idea during a legislative session this year, but for reasons unknown, the plans have since been shelved, so the House of Representatives hasn’t been able to have a crack at them.

New bill

There is a new bill being launched and filed by Deborah Goldberg, and she aims to have it submitted by November 2. According to her, the lottery would have seen a natural decline, save for January’s $1.5 billion jackpot, which really perked up the sales of lotto tickets. She argues had it not been for that, then lotto sales would require online tickets in order to get back on track.

Joining the rest

If it does manage to convince the Senate and the House to accept online lottery gambling, the bill will see Massachusetts join a number of other states that have already authorized such a bill. Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan have already approved online lottos, both via web browsers and mobile phone devices.

The bigger picture

Players must remember that online gambling in general is illegal in the USA (save for a number of states who regulate their own casinos). However, the flimsy US laws have been breached a number of times for online poker, online sports betting, and online lotteries. The individual states now have the freedom to make it up as they go along. Normally most of the states come down hard on games of luck, with the states being more lenient on games of skill. Lottery games are games of luck, just like slots, to whether the addition of online lotto games in Massachusetts makes any difference to existing casino laws in the North Eastern state remains to be seen.

Of course, if it were to take off, and other states followed suit, we would soon have to ask the question – why is it okay for lottos to be played online, and not slots and other casino games? There would need to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere, and Massachusetts may yet decide that the line in the ability to play lottery games online.

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