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New Microgaming Tournament Slot Goes Live

the-finer-reels-of-life-slotDuring the last year Microgaming have been tweaking and adjusting more and more of their most popular online slot games and making them fully compatible as tournament slot games, in fact in 2013 alone they increased their slot tournament portfolio of games from 11 of them to 21 of them, and during 2014 they are planning on making even more of their slots into tournament slots.

To get 2014 off to a flying start Microgaming have just announced that their The Finer Reels of Life slot has just been added as one of their slot tournament games and as such you will now have even more slots attached to their huge range of daily network wide slot tournaments.

So with 22 slots of every possible description available and attached to all of their slot tournaments you can be guaranteed that should you be getting the urge to register to take part in one you are going to be able to find one offering a slot which you enjoy playing.

The Finer Reels of Life slot is, if you haven’t come across it before, one of Microgaming’s 243 ways to win slot games which has been designed as an All Ways slot which means some quite large winning payouts are always a very real possibility when you are playing it, in fact it is a bonus game heavy slot game and below we will present to you a range of facts and figures which will let you make your own mind up on whether it makes a good tournament slot or not.

Is the Finer Reels of Life a Good or Bad Tournament Slot?

Let us now take a good look at the very unique way in which the Finer Reels of Life slot game has been designed which will allow you to make up your own informed decisions on whether when you see this slot attached to a Microgaming network wide slot tournament you should consider entering and taking part in that slot tournament.

As mentioned above this slot game does boast a 243 ways to win playing structure which means that you are going to have to pick one of several different coin increments to play each spin of the reel you play in the slot tournament this slot is attached to, and these increments start at 30 coins and rise up to a maximum of 150 coins.

So when playing this slot in a tournament then you are best advised to put into play all 150 coins per spin, as by doing so you will not run the risk of running out of time in the tournament and still having lots of tournament credits left over which are essentially wasted.

The Finer Reels of Life slot does come with a Wild symbol and as this doubles any winning combinations value that is helps to complete then it is to be expected some very large winning scores can be achieved when you get one or more of them in view on the slot games screen.

However, there is an additional bonus game on this slot which makes it an ideal slot game to play in a tournament structure and this is known as the Wild Celebration bonus game.

At random once you have set the reels into play this bonus feature could be awarded and when it is up to five of the reels will become completely wild, and as such if you get all five reels then becoming wild reels you are going to be bounced right up to the top of the leader board for a screen full of wilds pays out a massive amount of coins.

In fact the maximum payout you can win from any one single game played of this Finer Reels of Life slot is a massive 1.8 million coins which is certainly going to ensure you reach one of the higher positions on any slot tournament you are taking part in should you be lucky enough to win that amount of coins.

Un-Lockable Bonus Games

The main and most regularly awarded bonus game feature on Microgaming’s The Finer Reels of Life slot game is a free spins round, this is awarded to players each and every single time they spin in three or more scatter symbols on the base game screen.

However, there is something very unique about the way this bonus game has been designed in as much as the more you play this slot and the more times you actually trigger the free spins rounds the more available options of just how you get to play out those free spins you will be offered.

This bonus game structure does however mean that you are very unlikely to get past the first set of options offered when you trigger the bonus game feature, as you will only have a few minutes to play your slot tournament entry you are very unlikely to be able to unlock the additional bonus game free spins options.

So when you trigger the free spins feature then you are going to get awarded a set of 10 free spins which play out on x5 multiplier values. Should however the slot tournament you are playing in allow you to purchase Add-Ons or Continues as they are also known, then this multi stage, un-lockable type of bonus game feature really does come into its own as you will be able, through those Add-Ons, to continue playing and you may just get to unlock the potentially better paying bonus features.

Should you unlock the second set of free spins options then you can opt to play a set of fee spins on which a Wild Vine type of bonus feature is attached to the free spins, and when that special Wild Vine symbol spins in up to 15 symbols can be turned into wild symbols.

The third un-lockable bonus game awards 20 free spins which comes with special Burning Wild symbols which come with additional multiplier symbols to increase your winning payouts. The final free spins option you can unlock is one on which 25 free spins can be awarded with a Rolling Reels type of playing structure.

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