iPhone Blackjack for Real Money

iphone blackjackDespite Apple’s rather strict rules regarding gambling-related content, iPhone Blackjack for real money is still one of the most popular casino titles among mobile gaming enthusiasts all over the world. As a result, most casinos offer at the very least one version of this table game regardless of whether their apps have been admitted to the iTunes app store or not. Nevertheless, even the sites that weren’t allowed to offer a downloadable variant of the game have found a way of reaching their customers, offering browser-based versions of real money iPhone Blackjack that are basically outside the reach of Apple or any local governments. As a result, becoming a winning mobile Blackjack player is less about finding the right software and more about finding a site that will offer you the best bonus and actually becoming good at playing the game – which in all honesty might require some practice, even though the basic rules are very easy to understand.

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The Rules of Blackjack

Your goal in Blackjack is very simple – get the value of your cards as close to 21 as possible without overextending and crossing that threshold, which is called a bust and means instant defeat. The game is always played against the dealer and while players are allowed to hit (take new cards) or stand (hold on to the current value of their cards) any time they want, the dealer has to follow a strict set of rules, which apply even to real money iPhone Blackjack. In most versions of the game, the dealer must hit until the value of his hand matches or exceeds 17 – the house edge is maintained by making the dealer win all draws. Another extremely important feature of virtually every variation of Blackjack is the special role the Ace plays in this game, as it can count either as 1 or as 11 points – depending on which option would be more advantageous to the player.

Another important feature is the fact that scoring 21 points with your first two cards is called a Blackjack and will often result in a larger payout, that might even be equal to twice the size of your wager. It’s important to remember that while the basic rules are usually the same for all the different mutations of Blackjack you’ll find in online casinos, plenty of them will come with additional rules that allow you to split your hand if some conditions are met or even insure it, so you’ll have to adjust your strategy each time you pick up a new title in order to optimize your winnings.

Playing iPhone Blackjack

The key and most obvious difference between iPhone Blackjack for real money and its brick and mortar casino counterpart is the fact that in mobile blackjack the dealer is replaced by a computer program. From a technical standpoint, this has no influence on the outcome of the game whatsoever, as the dealer doesn’t have any control over the actions he performs at the table. Nevertheless, some players might feel that mobile Blackjack is considerably less personal than the live version of the game; the upside to this is the fact that you can play more games over a shorter period of time, which can drastically increase your winnings. The outcome of each hand is provided by a specialized Random Number Generator, but don’t worry – the games are 100% secure since real money iPhone casinos are required to periodically test their software to make sure that everything is fair and that the odds aren’t stacked against the customers.

In terms of interface, real money iPhone Blackjack is as easy to play as any other iPhone game – if you’re comfortable with using the iPhone touchpad, you’re going to get used to placing wagers and deciding between a hit and stand in no time, especially since even the browser-based versions of the game usually come with clear visuals and appropriately large function buttons.

The Good and the Bad

The advantages of playing real money Blackjack for iPhone are apparent: as mentioned above, using an electronic device greatly increases the volume of hands you can play and consequently allows you to focus on your tactics. Unfortunately, this is also the game’s greatest drawback, as Blackjack in a live environment is pretty much a social game and many people draw pleasure from being able to compete with other players in a race to defeat the bank even despite the fact that all wagers and results are processed separately.

Desktop-based Blackjack enthusiasts can alleviate this problem to some extent by playing online with a live dealer, but this solution isn’t popular with mobile casinos due to various technical limitations. Consequently, iPhone Blackjack for real money is a rather solitary game which is best suited for people who truly enjoy the strategic side of the game. Nevertheless, even if you really like playing live it’s hard not to appreciate the value that comes with all the bonuses and promotions offered by iPhone casinos, especially since most of them will allow you to claim significant amounts of money by making a deposit and simply playing a lot. Last, but definitely not least, the experience you gain in an online environment will make you a better player in any land-based setting, especially since you’ll be able to check out virtually all the available variants of the game.


All in all, whether you want to improve your Blackjack skills or simply win some money playing one of the best classic table casino games available on the web, real money iPhone Blackjack is going to satisfy your needs as long as you pick a reliable mobile casino site and have at least some appreciation for the strategic side of the game. The ability to play on the go from virtually anywhere in the world, as well as the top notch banking services and bonuses offered by all the good sites is really just an icing on the cake, so as long as you can handle playing without a live dealer there’s absolutely no reason not to give iPhone Blackjack for real money a try.

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