Number of Decks in Online Blackjack Games

You can often find yourself being swayed in regards to just which online Blackjack game you play based solely on the number of decks in play in the shoe of the variants you come across. As part of our series of Most Commonly Asked Online Blackjack Questions guide we are going to enlighten you in this one as to just how many decks there are in play in the shoes of all of the Blackjack games found in each of our top rated online casinos.

NetEnt Blackjack

You are going to find more than enough Blackjack game variants offered at each of our no download required NetEnt Casinos and to give you some ideas of just which games you may like to play more than other below you will find each variant on offer along with just how many decks of cards are in the shoe of each variant listed below.

Standard Blackjack – The Standard Blackjack game offered at NetEnt powered sites will give you a fairly straight forward type of playing structure and when playing it the cards are dealt from a shoe which contains a full four decks of playing cards.

Pontoon – NetEnt’s fun to play and very easy to master Pontoon game is another variant you may like playing and this game has a total of six decks in play in its shoe and they are all shuffled fully before any new game is sent into live play.

Single Deck Blackjack –You will probably already realise just how many decks of cards are in the shoe of the NetEnt designed Single Deck Blackjack game as the clue is in its name, there is of course just one single deck of cards in the game.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The quite high house edge NetEnt Double Exposure Blackjack game comes with a shoe containing six decks of playing cards which like every other game offered by NetEnt are always shuffled at the end of each hand played out.

Playtech Blackjack

You really are going to be accessing some of the best playing and highest paying casino games found anywhere online when you choose to play at any of our featured and reviewed Playtech Casinos and with each of them offer some very high bonuses you will find your gambling budget will go much further when you choose to play on any of the several different Playtech gaming platforms.

Blackjack Switch – Six full decks of cards are going to be found in the shoe of the Blackjack Switch game from Playtech and it is worth remembering that two hands will be dealt out to you when playing this deck and you can switch one card from each hand to the other when playing it.

Pontoon – There are eight decks of playing cards in Playtech’s Pontoon game, this game has a wide and very varied range of chip and stake options and you will always be able to put it through its paces at no risk what so ever as a free play variant of the game is also available to all players.

Blackjack Surrender – With 6 decks of cards in the shoe of the Blackjack Surrender game and a player rule which permits late surrender it may be a game you fancy playing and if so log onto one of our listed Playtech sites when you can play it for free or for real money.

Blackjack Pro – You will be able to double down on any initial 10 or 11 valued hand when playing the Blackjack Pro game and this variant has one single deck of cards in its shoe so it may appeal to you if you enjoy playing the rarer single deck Blackjack games online.

Standard Blackjack – There are six decks of cards in the shoe of the Standard Blackjack game, the Live and UK Blackjack games and also the very high house edge game of 21Duel Blackjack.

Double Attack Blackjack – The final Blackjack game that you may find available at many Playtech powered online casino sites is the Double Attack Blackjack game variant and when playing that game at any Playtech site you will be playing a variant that has eight full decks of cards in its shoe.

Real Time Gaming Blackjack

As you will possibly already be aware if you have been reading through any of our Blackjack game playing guides of which we have many dotted around this website, when you play at a Real Time Gaming Casinos powered site you will find there are several different decks of cards that can be attached to their games, and it is going to mean as a player you need to know just how many decks are in play in any casino using this software platform before you start to play.

You will be ideally looking for the variants that have the lowest number of decks in their shoe for those variants offer the lowest house edges to players.

Blackjack Surrender – The Blackjack Surrender game which you may still find available in some Real Time Gaming software powered online casino sites has four decks of cards in its shoe.

European Blackjack – This game can have between four and eight decks of cards in its shoe as can the Standard Blackjack game the Match Play 21 Blackjack the Face Up 21 Blackjack and the Super 21 Blackjack, you will commonly find the operators of RTG casinos tend to put the maximum number of decks permitted in their Blackjack games shoe so expect to find into the majority of cases eight decks in play on each of those RTG Blackjack games shoes.

Pontoon – The RTG Pontoon game has got just two decks of cards in the shoe however that is the default setting so you may find some casinos have opted for a larger number of decks in their respective Pontoon games shoe and that can be as many as eight decks in total.

Microgaming Blackjack

If you want to have access to the very largest collection of online Blackjack games then you really do need to select any of our featured downloadable and reviewed Microgaming Casinos as those sites have dozens of different variants on offer. In regards to just how many decks are in each Microgaming Blackjack game variant you will find this information listed below.

Classic Blackjack – There are a couple of Blackjack games that Microgaming have designed which can be accessed on all of their online and now on their mobile gaming platforms that have just one single deck of cards in the shoe of the game and the first game is of course this Classic Blackjack game, be aware though that the multi hand variant of this game has five decks in it shoe.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – You will find four decks of cards are in play in the shoe of Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack game and those decks are always shuffled before a new hand is dealt out to players.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack – In addition to the Classic Blackjack game mentioned above the only other variant offered at Microgaming powered sites that has just one single full deck of playing cards in its shoe is the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game variant.

Atlantic City Blackjack – One of the more popular regional blackjack games offered at Microgaming powered sites is the Atlantic City Blackjack game but be warned this game does have a lot of cards in play in its shoe and in fact there are eight full decks of cards in its shoe.

Spanish Blackjack – The game is Spanish Blackjack is played with a set of unusual playing cards in as much as all of the 10 cards have been removed from the decks there are eight decks of these special reduced number of card decks in the shoe of this variant, but there are a range of bonus winning payouts you can be awarded with and to be awarded with them unlike most other variants there is no need to place a bonus side bet wager of any type or value.

Pontoon – If you wish to play the Pontoon game which is available at Microgaming casino sites then you should have plenty of different stake options available at which to play it for and the game offered has a total of eight full decks in the shoe.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack – The Vegas Downtown Blackjack game along with the virtually identical game of Bonus Blackjack offered at all of our top rated and licensed Microgaming powered online casinos offer a two deck shoe game.

European Blackjack – Lots of Microgaming Blackjack game variants that permit players to place a range of bonus bets utilize the European Blackjack game variant as the base game and as such when playing the standard European Blackjack game of the Hi low 3, Perfect Pairs or High Streak Blackjack game you will find two full decks of playing cards in each of those games shoes.

Big 5 Blackjack –You will of course find five decks of cards in the show of the Big 5 Blackjack game however the name do this variant does sort of imply that fact! This is one of not many Microgaming’s’ powered games which let you surrender you hand at certain points in the game.

Multi Hand Blackjack – The standard and Classic multi hand Blackjack game variants as well as Microgaming’s progressives Triple 7’s Blackjack game variant all have five decks of cards in their respective shoes.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The Double Exposure Blackjack game offered at Microgaming powered sites is always a firm favourite with players for unlike every other game they offer the Dealers cards are always dealt facing upwards, and when you choose to play this variant you need to be aware that there are eight full decks of playing cards in the shoe of this game.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack – The Super Fun 21 Blackjack game is another game which many players like playing at Microgaming powered mobile casino sites and as this game has just one deck of cards in its shoe you may be interested in giving it a try, but be warned the house edge on offer is high and it is not by any stretch of the imagination the best variant available in regards to its house edge so opt to play another Blackjack game variant instead.

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