Circus Side Show Slot Machine

Circus Side Show is a carnival themed slot game featuring 15 betting lines, as well as the bonus features Scatter Pay and Wild Symbol, plus a bonus game where you can earn more credits.

With a Max Bet of 5 coins, in Circus Side Show slots you can place a bet of up to 75 coins per round, using $0.05, $0.25, or $1.

What is a 15-Line Slot?
A 15-line slot is made of 3 rows and 5 columns, showing 15 symbols. In a 15-line slot you can place a bet on 15 different lines: 3 rows, and 12 broken diagonals. The bet you are making is that after the spin the line you selected will show a winning combination of symbols.

Circus Side Show 15 Line Slot You can select only one line, some of the lines or all 15 lines. You can also choose how many coins to place on each line: starting from 1 coin and up to 5 coins per line. So the maximum bet is 75 coins (5 times 15). The available coins are 5 cent, 25 cent, and 1 dollar. To select a coin, click on the suitable icon at the bottom of the slot screen.

Placing a bet in a 15-line slot
In every spin of a 15-line slot you can place one up to 15 bets. After selecting coin denomination you can select the lines on which you wager.

You can select individual lines by clicking the small dots on the left, (there are 15 dots, one per each line). One click activates the line a places a 1 coin wager (the number 1 will replace the dot). Every additional click on the same line adds one coin, until you reach 5 coins. Another click on the line will inactivate the line.

You can also select the lines one by one in their order. By clicking once on BET ONE you will be placing one coin the first line. Another click will place 1 coin on the next line, and so on. If you have placed 1 coin on all 15 lines, another click will place another coin on the first line (making it a 2 coin bet) and so on up to 5 coins per line.

You can select all 15 line using the buttons on the bottom of the slot.
– Click 1 PER LINE to wager 1 coin on each line.
– Click 2 PER LINE to wager 2 coins on each line.
– Click 3 PER LINE to wager 3 coins on each line.
– Click 4 PER LINE to wager 4 coins on each line.
– Click BET MAX to place 5 coins on each line. Note that after clicking BET MAX the slots will start spinning immediately.

After placing all your wagers click PLAY.

When the slot stops spinning you will be told how much you won.

Bonus Game
Circus Side Show 15 Line Slot features a bonus game where you can win more credits. To enter the bonus game you must get at least 3 Clown symbols on an active line.

In the bonus game your have to click on 12 pieces of the side show poster to roll them up and uncover the bonus hidden beneath each piece. Each piece hides a bonus but one of them also hides the word Collect. When you click on this piece you collect your credits and go back to the slot.

If you had 4 Clown symbols your win will be multiplied by 5.
If you had 5 Clown symbols your win will be multiplied by 25.

Scatter Bonus
When you get 3 or more Scatter symbols in one spin (even on lines you haven’t selected). Tour Scatter Pay win equals your total win of the current spin multiplied according to the number of symbols, like so:
5 symbols = x500
4 symbols = x50
3 symbols = x5

For example, if you won 75 credits and got 3 Scatter Pays, you will get 450 coins: 75 you won plus 375 (5 times 75).

Wild Card
The Wild symbol can replace any other symbols to create a winning line. If you’re playing the Max Bet (75 coins, 5 coins per line) and you get 5 Wild symbols, you win 10,000 times your betting coin.

May 31, 2012 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.