Jokers Wild

In Jokers Wild video poker, in addition to the standard deck cards there are Joker cards that act as wild cards to create winning combinations. In this game, payouts start at Two Pairs or a higher combination, and there are special hands such as Wild Royal Flush and 5 of a kind.

When you play Jokers Wild (also known as Joker Poker) you should hold any Joker you get as well as any paying combination in your opening hand. Money Casino’s Jokers Wild is a multi-hand video poker game where you can play up to 10 hands per round, wagering 1 to 5 coins per hand, with a Max Bet of 50 coins.

You can choose between four different games settings with different designs and soundtracks, including the wild west, the magic show, outer space or a vintage machine.

How to Play Jokers Wild

To start click on a coin: $0.05, $0.25, or $1. You can select different coins between rounds.

To place your wager, set the number of hands you want to play during the next round, and the number of coins you wager on each hand. You can do this in the following ways, and change the settings between rounds. To stick with a certain wager, simply keep on clicking DEAL.

How to Place Bets
– To wager 1 coin on 1 hand alone click DEAL
– To wager the maximum bet (10 hands, 5 coins per hand, total of 50 coins), click BET MAX
– You can set a wager manually with the arrows on the bar “No. Hands Bet #” and “Bet # Per Hand”, and click DEAL

– To add one hand at a time click BET ONE (this will not change the coins number) and click DEAL

After you have been dealt your starting hand of 5 cards, you can choose which cards to keep and which to replace with new ones.

If you play on several hands, the first hand is dealt facing up, while the other hands are dealt facing down. In the open hand, under each card appears the word HOLD. To keep a card click on it, and to cancel click the card again. When the word HELD appears on a card it will be kept, and you will also see it on all the other hands.

When your mind is made up and you are ready to replace the cards click DEAL again to get the new ones. In each hand you will get new cards that will create different combinations which pay differently according to the payoff table.

May 19, 2012 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.