Tabloid News Slot Machine

Tabloid News is an 8-line bonus slot game featured as a wacky news broadcast brought to you from a realistic network studio complete with a bombastic opening theme and two distinguished anchors. As the stories run, a nice win makes our serious hosts crack a smile, and a great one is followed by even more dramatic music to complement it! To actually read more about latest casino news, check out our category page.

The Tabloid News newscast is where reality is weirder than anything we can imagine, where UFOs crash on earth only to be arrested for drinking and flying, where radioactivity is the cure for hunger, and a monkey performs exorcism… Well, the news may be silly, but the bonuses are real!

This bonus video slot features a SCATTER PAY that multiplies your total bet across all pay lines – 3 scatters double it, and a max of 9 scatters multiply it X2000! Scatter Pays are triggered even if they appear on a non-active payline. The WILD symbol replaces all other symbols (except for the scatter pay and the hatching moon) to create a paying combination. Plus, 3 Wilds on a line pay up to 600 coins on a max bet.

Placing a Bet
As every 8-line slot, in Tabloid News you can place up to 8 bets in every spin. The 8 betting lines include top row, middle row, bottom row, left column, middle column, right column, diagonal from top left to bottom right, and diagonal from bottom left to top right. You can bet up to 3 coins on each line, so the MAX BET is 24 coins.

To play, simply select your coin (5 cents, 25 cents, or 1 dollar), choose your lines, and click PLAY.

Selecting Lines
You can select lines manually by clicking the buttons on the left and top of the slot. For a start all the buttons are off, but every click adds 1 coin to your bet. The number of coins is shown on the button, up to 3 coins. A fourth click will turn the button off again.

You can also select the lines one by one in their order by clicking BET ONE. Every click puts a coin on one line until all the lines are covered. A new round of clicking puts a second coin on the lines one by one. This can go on until you reach 3 coins on each line and then the lines will start turning off.

Another way is to select all the lines at once: 1 PER LINE places a bet of 8 coins (1 coins on each line). 2 PER LINE places 2 coins on each line, a total of 16 coins. Then you can click PLAY to spin the slot.

BET MAX selects all the lines at once and wagers 3 coins per each line, a total of 24 coins. After clicking BET MAX the spin starts automatically.

You can change your coins and lines whenever you like between spins. When the spin is over you see how much you won!

Good luck, and pass on the good news!

June 25, 2012 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.