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kenoWhilst the game of Keno may not be on your list of games to play today, there are plenty of different and quite unique variants on offer online, and should you be looking for a low cost game to play yet one that could award you with a mega sized winning payout then do have a look through the following guide to the best paying Keno games.

Firstly we should let you know how the game of Keno works as you may never have come across it before. The Keno games available online are very straight forward to understand and the aim of the game is for you to pick a set of numbers from one to eighty, in the hope that you get as many of your chosen numbers matching the numbers drawn out of the Keno drum as is possible.

Each Keno game is played with a single Keno Card, and you are tasked with simply picking a set of numbers on the card by clicking on them, and once you have made your selection then simply choose one of the available stake levels at which to play for, click on the Start button, and up to 20 balls are then be fired out of the Keno Drum.

Be aware that as you can pick various different amounts of balls a sliding pay table will be attached to your game, based on just how many numbers you have chosen to pick. There are some betting options available on certain online Keno games that offer much better payout percentages than others, and as such do keep on reading to find out just which Keno bets are worth placing at different online casino sites.

Best Keno Bets to Place Online

You will find listed below all of the different software providers whose Keno games can be found on offer at our featured casino sites, and listed below is the best valued Keno bet offered via these different software provider’s Keno games.

Best NetEnt Standard Keno Bets

There are a couple of different Keno games which can be found in the gaming suite of NetEnt software powered sites, the first is their Standard Keno game, and should this particular variant catch your eye and you fancy playing it, then make sure the bet you place is on the 6 Number Spot bet for this has the highest payout percentage attached to this game which is 92.90%.

Best NetEnt Jungle Keno Bets

Some of the highest payout percentages attached to any online Keno games are found attached to the multiple betting opportunities available on the Jungle Keno game which can be found at NetEnt casino sites, the one betting option that has by far and away the highest payout percentage is the 9 Number Spot bet which has a payout percentage higher than most online slot games at 96.28%.

Best Microgaming Keno Bets

If you opt to play the standard Keno game which is found in all Microgaming casinos then opt to play the 13 Number Spot bet, for this particular bet has an expected payout percentage of 94.90% and that is the best paying bet offered on their Keno game. Try and avoid the 1 Number Spot bet in particular for the payout percentage of that wager is an appalling 75.00%.

Best Playtech Keno Bets

Playtech does of course also have a Keno game on offer at all casinos that use their gaming platform, and to locate this game you will need to click on the Arcade Games tab for that is where it will be found. Should you wish to give this game a try then it is the 8 Number Spot bet that offers you the best winning opportunities and this is due to this betting opportunity boasting a payout percentage of 92.75%.

Best RTG Keno Bets

You will probably not be in too much of a rush to play the Real Time Gaming Keno games for sadly the payout percentages attached to the various different betting opportunities that are offered on this game are very low. However should you have no other option available in regards to the software company whose gaming suite you will be playing at then make sure you only play Real Time Gaming’s 11 Spot Bet option offered of their Keno game for that has the best RTP of any available betting option and work out at 86.75%.

IGT Interactive Krazy Keno Bets

The IGT Interactive no download required suite of games features a couple of fairly decent paying Keno games one of which is their Krazy Keno game, should you fancy giving this game a whirl then opt to use the 10 Spot Bet with the bonus Bet activated to get the best long term RTP which is a high 96.00%, you can play this game for various stake levels much like all of the other Keno games listed on this page.

IGT Interactive King Keno Bets

One other Keno game to tell you about on the IGT Interactive gaming platform is the King Keno game, as with all of the Keno games listed on this page there are a range of different betting options on offer on this particular game, however quite surprisingly if you do decide to play this variant the best bet to wager on is the 1 Spot Bet which has a payout percentage of 92.00% and that is the highest paying betting option offered on this King Keno game.

Rival Gaming Keno Game

Should you find yourself logged onto a Rival powered casino site and get the urge to play their Keno game, then the pay table in force on this game is identical to the one offered on Microgaming’s standard Keno game, and as such the only betting option you should be wagering on to get the best winning chances and the highest possible payout percentage is the 13 Number Spot bet which comes with a payout percentage of a fairly decent 94.90%.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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