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Online Casino Poker

Poker is a widely popular and highly competitive card game played against one or more opponent(s). There are many variations of poker games you can play online for real money including Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, & Omaha. There are a lot of online poker sites where you can play against real people and win real money.

Poker is a game that has a huge amount of players and followers all over the world and online casinos have been quick to provide players with poker options. There are a great selection of poker games and video poker games to choose from on most casino sites but there is something lacking in all of these games. They all provide the chance to use your poker skills and develop strategies and tactics depending on the hand that you have been dealt. However, what many of these games lack is the human interaction and engagement that plays a massive role in making poker such an important game for people.

This is why people will often look to find an online casino site that has a poker element attached to it. Being able to play casino and poker games from the same online wallet can make life a lot easier. All online poker games are great but being able to take on other online players and take their money off them is a huge thrill!

This page is about casinos and poker. More specifically, online casinos that have poker games and online poker sites that have casino games. Also, it’s important to note that we’re referring to online poker games against other players. Not your typical casino poker games like Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud.

The games we’re addressing include:

Note: Table games like 3 Card Poker are not included.

Online Casinos with Poker Rooms

Generally speaking, if you want to play poker and casino games at the same site it’s better to find an online casino that has a poker room. That’s because your casino game odds will be better (on average) than poker sites that have a few casino games.

What to Look for in the Best Online Poker Sites

When you’re looking for a trustworthy poker site to play for real money at, here are a few key traits to look for:

  • The option to play for free (play money) or for real money
  • Plenty of players and stakes available (more players = easier games)
  • A generous sign up bonus for new players
  • A variety of deposit options
  • Fast cash outs
  • Easy-to-use software
  • VIP programs where players earn points that can be used to buy tournament entries or merchandise

Playing Poker Online for Real Money

Playing poker online differs greatly from both home games and casino poker. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of playing real money poker games online.

Advantages of Internet Poker

  • It’s more convenient to play online rather than setting up a home game or going to a casino.
  • Since many sites have cash games starting at $0.01/$0.02 and tournaments starting at $1.10, it’s much more affordable to play online than at a casino where cash games start at $1/$2 and the lowest tournaments usually start at around $35.
  • Online poker sites offer hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in deposit bonuses to players, something you never see at casinos.
  • Poker sites also offer VIP points to real money players to encourage more time at the tables. These points can be used for valuable gift cards, electronics, and even vacations and cars. Casinos poker rooms don’t have the budget for such programs.
  • The Internet is the only place where you can play at multiple poker tables simultaneously. This adds extra excitement and profit potential that you won’t find at a casino.
  • Since hundreds of thousands of players are playing poker online at any given moment, the variety of games and stakes blows away anything you’ll find at a casino. Besides the most popular poker games, online poker sites have tables for games you won’t find elsewhere such as, Razz, Badugi, Lowball, 5-Card Draw, Triple Draw, and more.
  • You can play in huge prize pool tournaments for a fraction of what you’ll pay live. Outside of the WPT and WSOP tournament circuit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a million dollar prize pool at a casino. And even then, the entries cost $5,000-$10,000. Not online though. You can play for hundreds of thousands of dollars every day for a modest investment. For example, the Sunday Million at Pokerstars has a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000 and costs a modest $215 to enter.
  • With so many people from around the world signing up to play poker online, there are a lot of bad players (fish) to win money from.

Disadvantages of Internet Poker

  • The adrenaline rush isn’t there so much. Once you get used to playing poker for money, you’ll find that online poker doesn’t have the same feeling as live poker in terms of excitement. It’s relatively easy to bluff online by clicking “bet $200”, but it’s another type of feeling to count out a $200 bluff with a guy staring you down on the other side of the table.
  • It’s almost impossible to “read” your opponent online. The only poker tells that you can hope to pick up online are betting patterns and the speed someone acts (which isn’t very reliable).
  • It’s harder to get away with a bluff online. Just like it’s easier to try a bluff online, opponents are much more likely to call “just to keep you honest” on the Internet.
  • It takes longer to cash out online. Unlike a home game or a casino where you can take your money and run, it usually takes a week or two to receive your cash from an online poker site.

Winning Money at Online Poker

So how easy is it to make money at online poker? Not as easy as it once was I’m afraid. Online poker has soared in popularity in 1998. Back then, there were only a handful of good poker strategy books. Now, there are countless books, video training sites, and poker strategy websites. Because of the large amount of (and easy access to) quality poker strategy, players today are overall much better than a decade ago.

There’s still plenty of money to be won at online poker though. Countries around the world are embracing online poker for the first time and that means plenty of fresh fish at the tables. Just be sure to choose a large poker site like Pokerstars so you can be sure there are plenty of soft games.

Poker Basics

History of Online Poker

In 1998 Planet Poker changed the face of poker forever when it launched the first real money poker games on the Internet. Poker has come a long way since. In 2004 online poker revenue exceeded $2.4 billion dollars.

This is due in part to the “poker boom” that took place after ESPN began airing the World Series of Poker main even in 2003. Today, there are over roughly 500,000 players around the world playing poker online every day.

How To Deal Texas Hold ‘Em

You should always shuffle the deck before dealing. Make sure all of the cards are present and then collate them and shuffle them together. It is common for the dealer to shuffle the pack twice and then to strip the deck. This is done by holding the deck on one hand then taking off the upper third of cards and setting them on the table. The middle section of cards should then be placed on top of that and then the bottom tier of cards should be placed on top of the others. After this, the cards should be shuffled again. The deck should then be cut onto the cut card and the dealing process can begin.

Once all of the blinds have been made, every player will be dealt two cards that should be dealt face downwards. The dealing process begins with the person that is sat clockwise from the dealer button.

With Texas Hold ‘Em, there are 4 rounds of betting. In each round, the dealer should place all cards that have been folded into a pile, sometimes referred to as the muck pile, and this should be placed under the hand with which the dealer is holding the deck. After the completion of every round, the dealer should ensure that all of the chips are placed into a pile on the table wherever there is space. Traditionally this pile is placed in the middle or right of the table (although if the dealer is holding the deck in his right hand, they can be placed to the left).

A round of betting will always start with the poker player that is sat clockwise from the dealer and the round will continue up until the point where all players have raised, called or folded.

The first betting round is the preflop and betting begins with the player that is clockwise from the player that has the big blind. Players have the option to fold, raise or call the big blind amount as a minimum.

The second round is the flop but first of all, the dealer will take the first card at the top of the deck and then burn it. This means to place it face down beneath the pot. The dealer will then place three cards that are facing upwards on the table and another round of betting begins.

The third round is called the turn and again begins with the dealer burning a card and then placing one card on the table, facing upwards. The betting round then begins. The fourth round is the river and begins with yet another card burn and then the dealer places another card facing upwards on the table. This is the fifth and final card to be placed on the table and the final betting round will take place before all of the players in the game will show their hand.

After all bets and checks have been made on the river, all poker that remain in the pot have to fold or show their hands. It is the tradition for the player that was the last one to raise or bet to show first if there was a bet in the round. If all players check, the responsibility of showing first falls on the player that is to the left of the button.

The player with the best hand wins and the pot should be pushed towards them. This process should be done slowly and clearly so everyone knows who has won and what has taken place. This process should not be rushed as every player has the right to question the dealer, which should never be taken personally, it is part of the game.

Best Online Casino Poker Rooms

We have examined the vast list of casinos that also offer online poker, that list is below:

Carbon Poker: Best Online Casino Poker Room

Carbon Poker, as the name implies, started out as a poker site but like so many other online gaming firms, spread into other territories. There are sports book and casino options available, with plenty of great video poker and arcade poker options available in the latter. Carbon Poker is well known for allowing access to US poker players and this ensures that there is a worldwide draw of players on the site.

If you believe that online poker should be a global affair, you will love being able to take on challengers from all around the world on Carbon Poker. The initial deposit bonus on Carbon Poker is an impressive 250% bonus up to a level of $5,000, which should be of benefit to most players. There is also a 35% cash back feature which can help poker players to boost their bankroll as they play.

888 Poker: Best Online Casino Poker Room

The 888 range of online sites is another one that can be highly regarded and the 888 Casino site is a very strong site for people. However, anyone wishing to experience the true excitement that only poker can offer, switching over to the 888 Poker site makes sense and it is very easy to do. 888 Poker provides a welcome package of $12 in bonuses before players have to make a deposit, which is always a good offer.

This provides entry to a variety of poker events and tournaments, allowing a player to develop their confidence and develop their skills on site. There is also a 100% matched deposit bonus available for players after they make their first deposit, up to a value of $400 for new players on 888 Poker.

Poker has officially reached mainstream status. Nowadays, even the most amateur players know most of the popular nicknames for poker hands and that it’s bad to be considered a fish at the table.