5 Reel Online Pokies

You will probably have played many different types of Pokie games in land based gaming venues and casinos in Australia, however if you are thinking of moving some of your Pokie playing gaming action over to the online gaming environment then we expect you have quite a number of questions regarding the type of Pokie machines you will have access to.

We have compiled a Pokie playing guide that will introduce you to some of the Older 3 Styled Pokie Games which can be accessed and played online either for free or for real money, however in this Pokie playing guide we are going to introduce you to all of the different types of Online Pokies that have been designed a 5 Reel Pokies, for there are quite a number of different types of this category of games to introduce you to.

Should you be completely new to playing pokie machines then a five reel Pokie game is one which uses a video screen as the way of displaying the reels of the Pokie machine as opposed to the older styled stepper reels you will find in place on a 3 reel Pokie machine.

By using a video screen this enables the designers of those games to be able to design these types of pokies to offer a whole host of different base game bonus features along with lots of exciting to play and potentially high paying bonus games which you can trigger as you play off any single base game spin.

Pokie Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Below you will find an overview of both the base game bonus features and the main bonus game that you are going to find attached to lots of different online Pokie games which offer a five video reel playing structure and format, should any of those features and bonus games spark an interest in you and you wish to play them then you can access pokies offering them at any of our Approved Australian Casinos of which we have several fully reviewed throughout this website.

Wild Symbol Features – One type of reel symbols that can have a huge number of different bonus features attached to it are the wild symbols. A basic pokie games wild symbol will help you form additional winning combinations as they will stand in for more of the other standard reel symbols attaché dot any one Pokie games reels.

However, you will also find some wild symbols that can expand when they spin in and that will see those wild symbols covering all of the reel positions on the reels they spun in on, often a wild symbol will also come with a special multiplier attached to it so any winning combinations it helps to complete will be boosted in value by that multiplier.

Some other unique wild symbols can spread over to other reels when they have spun in and by doing so they will turn standard reel symbols into wild symbols. In fact we would suggest you play as many video Pokie games as you can for there are dozens of other special bonus features attached to wild symbols far too many to list here.

Free Spins Bonus Games – Some Pokie machines that you can access and play online will have a set of scatter symbols, and when you spin in enough of them via any base game spin you can find yourself being awarded with a set of free spins.

As the free spins are playing off you will find multiplier values can come into force to boost the value of any and all free spin awarded winning combinations that have spun in, and often these type of Pokie game bonus features can be re-triggered as the free spins are playing off and that will see you being awarded even more free spins.

Pick and Win Bonus Games – Some five reel video Pokie machines will award you with something known as a pick and win bonus game feature round. These types of bonus games will simply see you picking off symbols from a bonus screen when that bonus game has been triggered and each location you pick could award you with bonus cash payouts.

Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpots – You could completely at random win a progressive jackpot when you are playing some 5 reel video Pokie machines online. These random jackpot Pokie machines as they are known will ether award the jackpots instantly and at random at the end of any base game spin you have played off or you may first have to play off a randomly awarded bonus game feature round which will award you with one of several different progressive jackpots at the end of that bonus game.

Pick and Match Bonus Games – If you play a video Pokie machine on which a pick and match type of bonus feature round can be triggered, then once you have triggered that bonus game you will be faced with having to pick off locations from a bonus screen in the hope you uncover a match of high paying symbols.

Stacked Reel Symbols – Many video Pokie games which have five reels will be designed with a set of what are known as stacked reel symbols in play on their reels. The main attraction for players to these types of Pokie machines is that when playing them you have the chance of spinning in a screen full of matching stacked reel symbols which often results in some huge winning payouts being awarded when you have pied to put into play all of the paylines on offer on that Pokie machine.

Wild Reels Bonus Games – One final base game bonus feature that you may enjoy being awarded when it is attached to the Pokie game you are playing is the Wild Reels bonus games, these are bonus games awarded at random and when triggered you will find that as soon as you have clicked onto the spin button one to five of the reels will be covered completely in wild symbols.

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