3 Reel Online Slot Games to Avoid

cash-splash-3-reel-slotYou will find located all over this website lots of playing hints and tips for playing 3 reel slots, you will also find plenty of casino reviews of the very best online casinos offering all manner of different 3 reel slot games and you will also find plenty of slot game reviews which, after reading through them, will allow you to make your own informed decision on which type of there reel slots are likely to appeal to you.

However, we do like to give you as much information as is possible in regards to just which slots are worth playing but we also are more than aware that some 3 reel slot games are never worth playing and those are of course the slots which have been designed with the lowest long term expected payout percentages.

In this section of our website we are going to highlight to you the 3 reel slot games to avoid playing, for every slot listed below comes with very low and very unappealing payout percentages and if you make the decision of playing any of the following 3 reel slot you are likely to find your gambling budget vanishes rather quickly.

Progressive 3 Reel Payout Percentages

You can often find that once you discover just how low the payout percentages are on the range of progressive 3 reels lots you can be put off playing them however the RTP’s are quite low on these kinds of slots due to the progressive jackpot pool contribution you are making when playing them.

The size of the progressive jackpot when it reaches a level at which is it above the amount when it usually is won on any progressive slot game is usually the key to finding a slot which may be due to payout, and as such if you are attracted to play 3 reel slots below is the long term expected RTP’s of these games, and only opt to play them when the respective progressive jackpot is way higher then when it is usually won, and avoid playing them when the jackpots are low in value.

Major Millions – The 3 reel version of the Major Millions Slot along with its sister game that being the Mega Spin Major Millions variant has a payout percentage that has been verified as being just 89.37% which does make it a rather low paying slot to play.

Wow Pot – There is no getting away from the fact that the Wow Pot 3 Reel Progressive Slot is a fairly low stake slot on which a fairly large jackpot can be won, but maybe it is a game worth avoiding for its 89.63% verified payout percentage is hardly awe inspiring an there are plenty of much higher paying slots on offer.

Tunzamunni – The lowest fixed coin 3 reel progressive slot game you are going to be able to play online is of course Microgaming’s Tunzamunni Slot, however the payout percentage you will be playing against is not by any stretch of the imagination a high one, which for reference is just 90.04%, so if you are tempted to play this slot always wait until such a time that the jackpot has grown to a substantial amount of cash to offset its low RTP.

LotsaLoot – You will find that another progressive 3 reel slot game on which a low and unattractive payout percentage can be found is the LotsaLoot Progressive Slot, this game will return, over your long term play a payout percentage of a lowly 90.07%.

Fruit Fiesta –The list of low playing progressive 3 reel slots may seem fairly endless however you do need to be aware of just how low the RTP’s are on these types of slots for you are not going to be getting the maximum inning opportunities should you play them online! The Fruit Fiesta Slot has a payout percentage so 90.09% which is sadly another lower than average RTP.

Cash Splash – Microgaming’s Cash Splash Slot may be one of their most popular progressive slots but it is a slot worth avoiding due in no small part to its very unappealing and low verified payout percentage of just 91.51%, so whilst its progressive jackpot is won very regularly by players the long term chances of you winning are greatly reduced due to that tiny payout percentage, so consider playing some of Microgaming’s non progressive paying 3 reel slots if you want the best chances of winning.

3 Reel Slots with the Lowest RTP’s

We have listed below as many different types of 3 reel slots we could find to allow us to present to you with an informative listing for the slot games you should never be tempted to play when logged into any one of several different online casinos using one of the major software gaming platforms.

Take a look through this listing and then compare the RTP’s of the slots names below with those of other slot games in the 3 reel categories as you will soon discover why those other higher paying slots offer you a much better chance of winning due simply to their higher payout percentages.

Big Five – The Big Five slot game is one of Microgaming’s classic 3 reel slots and sadly this slot does come with a rather low long term expected payout percentage of some 92.26%, however it is worth noting there are several other slots which also come with that exact same expected payout percentage and those slots include the Flo’s Diner, Island Style and Jesters Jackpot slots, so make sure you are never tempted to play those slots also.

Belissimo – The Belissimo slot game is another fairly low paying slot game on which you will find a 3 reel playing structure, this slot has a payout percentage that has been verified as being 93.23% and there are actual several other slots from Microgaming which boasts a similar playing structure and the exact same low RTP and those games include the Captain Cash, Fun House, Golden Dragon, Jackpot Express and Martian Money slots.

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