3 Reel Online Slots with Enhanced Jackpot Payouts

Funky-Monkey-Slot-MainYou will find that many 3 reel slots that offer you the ability of wagering more than one coin on their single payline will reward you with an enhanced payout when you opt to play them with the maximum number of coins in play on each spin for the jackpot paying reel combination.

It is therefore vital if you are to achieve the maximum payout percentage that slot has on offer and to have the chance of spinning in that enhanced jackpot payout that you play these types of slots on maximum bet spins! Below we have several 3 reel slots which boast an enhanced jackpot payout from each of the major casino software gaming platforms.

To make playing these slots for real money with maximum coin spins activated and in play you will find each of them let you select an adjustable coin value setting, so playing max bet spins will not be expensive and you will find a coin value setting on offer that is suitable for your available gaming bankroll and budget one each of the following different suppliers 3 reel slot games.

RTG 3 Reel Slots

It is worth noting that all of our listed Real Time Gaming Casinos are going to offer you some fairly substantial casino bonus offers not only when you first sign up to their respective sites but on an ongoing basis, and as such you will lock in lots of additional playing value by taking advantage of those bonuses and then playing at any of their 3 reel slots which come with an enhanced jackpot, for with those additional bonus credits you will be able to always put into play maximum bet spins.

7’s and Stripes – You really do need to pay careful attention to the pay tables attached to all three reel slots you come across, for when you do you will discover slots such as the RTG designed and supplied 7’s and Stripes slot game offer an enhanced jackpot payout worth 10,000 coins when played with three coins in play which is way higher than the one and two coin jackpots worth just 2400 and 4800 coins respectively.

The Big Heist – The one and two coin jackpot payouts offered on the Big Heist 3 reel slot from RTG offer jackpots worth just 250 and 500 coins respectively, however by making use of the max bet button and opting to play three coins per spin the jackpot payout is massively enhanced up to a value of a whopping 2000 coins.

Microgaming 3 Reel Slots

Remember it is going to be the downloadable gaming platforms where you will have access to the biggest range of 3 reel enhanced jackpot paying slots at each of our Microgaming Casinos, so make sure that is where you choose to play if any of the following slot games take your fancy.

7 Oceans – Something very unusual will happen when you opt to play the Microgaming designed 3 reel slot that goes by the name of the 7 Oceans slot with three coins in play, and that will be a set of 7 symbol combinations will become activated on its pay table and those three additional winning payouts are not available when playing one or two coin spin, and they offer some very large cash payouts the highest being a 4000 coin jackpot for spinning in three Red 7 symbols on its single payline.

Bar Bar Black Sheep – 500 coins can be won when you win the jackpot playing this slot game with one coin per spin in play, this is boosted up to a jackpot worth 1000 coins if you choose to play two coins per spin and the jackpot paying combination spins in, however for the maximum winning opportunities and the chance of winning an enhanced jackpot worth in total 1600 coins this slot has to be played with 3 coins spins in place.

Blackjack Bonanza – The jackpot payouts are quite high on the Blackjack Bonanza slot game which is another popular 3 reel slot from Microgaming but this slot does also have an enhanced jackpot when you play it with three coins and the jackpot payouts on offer for one, two or three coin spins are 1000 coins, 2500 coins and 4000 coins respectively.

Playtech 3 Reel Slots

Finally let us know introduce you to our range of 3 reel slots which you will find readily available in our showcased Playtech Casinos, for additional information on any of the 3 reel slots which offer an enhanced jackpot for maximum bet players simply click on the slot games name and we will then take you to our in-depth and very informative review of that particular slot.

Funky Monkey – Playing the comical looking Funky Monkey slot game with one or two coins in play on its single payline per spin will result in the most you could win when the jackpot paying combination is spun in being 800 and 1600 coins respectively, however by playing three coin spins the jackpot payout is enhanced by an additional 100 coins and as such you could win a jackpot of 2500 coins when the three jackpot symbols make an appearance on its single payline.

Sultans’ Fortune – You will win instead of a 4000 coin jackpot which is awarded for spinning in the three jackpot symbols when playing the great looking Sultan’s Fortune a larger and enhanced jackpot worth some 10,000 coins if you choose to play this slot with two coins in play, which is obviously the only way you should be playing this Arabian themed three reel slot from Playtech.

Tres Amigo – Playtech’s Mexican themed Tres Amigo slot game is a 3 reel slot game on which you have the choice of playing one or two coins per spin, however as the one coin jackpot is worth 1200 coins and the two coin jackpot payout is worth an enhanced 2500 coins then two coin spins are they way you need to play this slot to have the maximum winning opportunities and a shot of winning that enhanced jackpot payout.

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