3 Reel Online Slot Playing Master Class

With online slot players often preferring to play the bonus game awarding video slot games which are available in the thousands when logged into their favourite online casino sites, it is often the case that many websites overlook the 3 reel slots when putting together a range of slot playing guides and articles.

However, we are more than aware there are lots of slot players out there who prefer sticking to playing the more basic of online slot games and as such we have compiled a special set of articles that make up our 3 reel slot playing master class series of guides which will enable all three reel slot players to locate exactly the type of slots they are looking to play.

Should 3 reel slots be the type of games you always seem to make a beeline for when playing online then we cordially invite you to have a read through each of these new playing guides and articles, for whilst it is often the case that many slot players think three reel slots are boring or cannot award the much larger winning payouts when compared to video slot games for example, nothing can be further than the truth and there are plenty of three reel slots offering large jackpots, high payout percentages and also a range of unique bonus games.

Types of 3 Reel Slot Games

There are several different sub-categories of 3 reel slot games and as such we should first give you an overview of just what types of three reel slots you will find most commonly available at all of our reviewed online casino sites.

The most basic type of 3 reel slot machines you will come across are Classic Slot Games and these slots have obviously got three reels but when playing them you will only be able to send one single payline into live play. You may however be given the option of placing more than one coin on the payline to increase the potential winning payouts.

It is worth noting that when playing a Classic slot game online if you do find you can play more than one coin per spin on the single payline then you could, by playing maximum bet spins find several 3 Reel Slots with Enhanced Jackpot Payouts, so there will be an advantage of playing those particular slots with the maximum number of coins wagered on the payline per spin.

You will find a wide range of differently structured 3 reel slots and as such if you want to play slightly more paylines than just one take a look over our guide to the Multi Line 3 Reel Slots, for when playing those particular slot games you will find the more lines you activate the bigger the value of the jackpot payouts can become on those additional paylines you put into live play.

You will also find some 3 reel slots offer you the chance of bagging a truly massive and often life changing jackpot win, and these types of slot games are the Progressive Jackpot Awarding 3 Reel Slots of which there are quite a number of them available at various different online casino sites.

Should you be under the illusion that you will find the 3 reel slot machines are boring to play as you are not able to trigger bonus games or bonus features when playing them online make sure you read through our guides on 3 Reel Slots with Bonus Games as there are some quite unique and novel bonus game awarding three reel slots you will come across and their respective bonus games are not as boring or as basic as you may have initially thought.

One of the most action packed type of slot you will find that boasts a three reel playing structure are the many different Online Fruit Machines that are available, these slots are designed to replicate the most commonly available types of gaming machines in the UK and Fruit Machines can and do offer dozens of different types of bonus games and bonus features, but they will take a lot of getting used to if you have never played them before.

Tips and 3 Reel Slot Game Playing Strategies

If you are a slot player who enjoys playing 3 reel slots then our series of 3 Reel Slot Game Playing Tips articles will be worth looking over for we have a range of Strategies for Playing 3 Reel Slots that may just give you a winning edge.

Make sure you take a look at our guide to the Best Bonuses for Playing 3 Reel Slots for with there being so many different casino bonuses being made available to slot players you will find several of them are perfect for giving you an increased winning chance when you choose to play these types of real money slot machines online.

If you fancy Playing 3 Reel Slots on a Mobile then there are several of them which you can now access and play on any type of mobile device, and whilst the number of slots available to mobile users may not be as large as are available online there are more than enough of them to give you an enjoyable slot playing session.

One final section of our 3 reel slot game tips and playing strategies section of the website that you really should checkout is our 3 Reel Slot Games to Avoid guide, for listed upon that guide you will find the slots with the very lowest long term expected payout percentages and those slots offer you no true value and are very likely to eat away at your bankroll way too quickly for comfort.

3 Reel Slot Game Play Structures and RTP’s

You will find both Low Variance 3 Reel Slots, 3 Reel High Variance Slots as well as 3 Reel Slots with Mid Variance Structures available at virtually all online casino sites, and it is of course important you play a slot that is going to play out in a structure that appeals to you, so please do have a look through those three different sections of our website for you will find plenty of slots with play and pay the exact way you are looking for when you do.

Finally let us now move onto the subject of payout percentages, now it doesn’t matter what type of theme a slot machine has or whether you can trigger a bonus game or not when playing it, or even how high its jackpot payout is, the one thing that will always make any 3 reel slot more playable than any other is in regards to its long term expected payout percentage.

If you play a slot which has too low a payout percentage then you will find that game will eat up your bankroll quickly and you will never get as long a playing session and chance of winning as you would when playing a slot offering a much higher and much more appealing payout percentage.

With this in mind our final guide which makes up our three reel slot playing master class series of articles and guides is going to take a look at the 3 Reel Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages, and that is probably the most important guide in the series as by taking a good look through it you will instantly be able to spot and locate which three reel slots return more of the stakes wagered on them as winning payouts, and those are of course the slots you need to sit down to play online.

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