3 Reel Slot Machine Playing Tips

With 3 reel slots hardly being the most entertaining slots to play due to their extremely basic and fast playing structure you may be wondering if there are any slot playing tips we can pass onto you to hopefully increase the chance of you spinning in a winning combination, for possibility reducing your chance of busting out too quickly when playing them.

We do of course have plenty of tips for playing every type of slot game online or in a land based venue or even on your mobile phone or tablet, and as such below we have put together an overview and listing of some of the most valuable 3 reel slot playing tips we know.

Please feel free to read through them all and refer to them and also put them into play when you are next wishing to play 3 reel slots, and whilst you cannot of course guarantee that you are ever going to win when using any of the following tips, you may find them useful.

Not All Slots are Designed the Same

The first tip we can pass onto you in regards to playing 3 reel slots is that despite what you may think they have not all been designed to offer the same type of playing structure, you are going to find both low and high variance slots are available and if you are looking for a longer slot playing session then you are better of picking the low variance slots to play.

For the high variance 3 reel slots offer something of a boom or bust type of playing structure and whilst a huge winning payout is always possible on those kinds of slots you could end up playing one that is going to take, take and take and those slots will eat you bankroll away at an alarming pace of knots.

Best Paying Slot – Once you have descried on a slot based on its variance that best suits your playing style you will next need to locate and play one that has been designed to return more of the stakes you feed into it and play off as winning payouts.

There is an ocean of difference between the long term expected payout percentages attached to all 3 reel slot games, and whilst land based slots can and often do boast miserably low payout percentage some online and mobile slot games do also! You are therefore best advised to locate and only ever play slots offering a payout percentage of over 98%, there are surprisingly quite a number of online slots that do have payout percentages that high so you will not find you can only access a small number of higher than average paying slots.

Taking Bonuses – As part of your next online 3 reel slot playing session you should carefully consider if there are any benefits to be had by you taking advantage of any sign up bonuses or ongoing reload type bonuses many online casino have available, for by claiming such bonuses if they have favourable terms you will instantly be increasing your winning chances.

However, be aware there are several factors to take into account when claiming a bonus to use on any 3 reel slots, you need to find and locate one which is a high valued one in regards to the percentage of you deposit that is going to be given to you as a bonus, you need to make sure there is no maximum cash out rules attached to the bonus and also you need to locate a bonus that has a low play through requirement that is only attached to your bonus amount and certainly not your deposited amount.

A general rule of thumb in regards to taking a casino up on their bonuses when you intend to play 3 reel slots is for you to use only those offering a 100% of higher deposit match and those with a play through much lower than 30% of the bonus amount.

Progressive 3 Reel Slot Tips – There are many different types of progressive slot games which are structured as 3 reel slots, many of those you will come across online are linked throughout the gaming platform network and as such you will find them offered at all online casinos using one gaming platform and all stakes played on those slots are fed into one central pool.

The odds on you winning a network wide progressive jackpot on a 3 reel slot are not very good, and as such our advice to you is to avoid playing such slots unless the jackpot currently available is enormous and much higher than it has ever become before.

You will find some 3 reel progressive slots are only networked into one individual casino site and as such only players at that site have the chance of winning that particular jackpot, these slots tend to payout their jackpots much more regularly and as such it may be worth your time and effort playing those progressive slot instead of the network wide ones as you are more than likely to have a much increased chance of winning the jackpot on.

Be aware that some online 3 reel slot machines on which a progressive jackpot can be won have their respective jackpots fed only by your stakes and no other players! This means when you play those quite rare slots it is you and you alone who is feeding the jackpot on that slot and as such you really should be avoiding to play those types of slots, for the jackpots will not rise as dramatically as other progressive slots and you are only ever winning back your own stakes.

New 3 Reel Slot Tips – One final tip you need to be aware of in regards to playing 3 reel slots online is that any new slot that appears online is not going to have an increased payout percentages whilst the slot is bedding in, land based new 3 reel slots can often be set to return a much higher RTP whilst that slot is new, however online casino operators are unable to give any of their slots enhanced payout percentages.

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