Pros and Cons of Playing All Pays Structured Slots

untamed-giant-panda-slotWe have started to see many of the online casino slot game designers releasing more and more of the slot games that boast an All Pays playing structure, depending on which software platform you choose to play on these slots may go by names such as All Ways slots or Multi Pays slots, however they all share a similar type of playing structure.

When playing one of these newly structured slot games you no longer have control of just how many paylines you can put into live play, and instead you are forced, for an obligatory minimum pre-determined set of coins, to play all visible paylines spread over the slot games reels.

The actual number of ways to win that you will be playing each spin of the reels of one of the All Pays slot games will obviously depend on just how many reel symbols are visible on each reel, however the most commonly found All Pays slots will force you to play either 243, 720, 1024 or even 3125 ways to win per spin.

The minimum cost per spin can vary from slot to slot and this can vary from 25 coins up to 50 coins, however, you will be able to both increase the coin values and also increase, in increments, the number of coins per spin you play depending on whether you are a low or high rolling slot player.

All Pays Slots versus Payline Structured Slots

There are of course pros and con of playing these All Pays slots and as such below we have highlighted several of these pros and cons when comparing them to the more classic payline structured slots which give you full control over the actual number of paylines you set into live play.

Winning Potential

As quite a number of the All Pays slot games you will find available online such as the Immortal Romance slot and the Thunderstruck II slot game boast stacked wild symbols or bonus games on which one or more reels can become completely wild then the winning potential when playing these slots can be huge.

Most standard payline structured slots will offer a set base game jackpot for lining up a single set of five jackpot symbols on the payline which can be worth anything up to 50,000 coins.

However, due to you playing literally hundreds of ways to win on the All Pays slots the potential maximum payout can be millions of coins, and as such when playing these types of slots you will have a chance of winning some life changing amounts of cash as opposed to some modest jackpot payouts on payline structured slot games.

Stake Levels

You are going to need a fairly large slot playing bankroll when playing the All Pays slots, for unlike the payline structured slots on which you could play for just one penny per spin, you are forced to play a minimum number of coins per spin, and as such you should always factor the increased stake levels into your playing budget when you are considering playing All Pays slots.

Payout Percentages

To be perfectly honest you are not going to notice any difference in the long term expected payout percentage of All Pays slot games when comparing them to payline structured slot games, much like all other online slot machines each slot will of course boast its own preset long term RTP and this will vary from game to game.

Do have a look around our website for we have a huge number of individual and informative slot game reviews and by reading through them you will find the published and certified payout percentages which will enable you to pick and choose just which slots are highly playable due to their higher than average payout percentages.

Bonus Game and Bonus Features

As the number of All Pays slot is increasing every month, the actual bonus games that can be triggered and awarded to you on these slot games are now just as varied as they are on the bonus video slots which offer optional paylines.

However as mentioned above many of the All Pays structured slot games have potentially very high paying bonus game features some of which are triggered at random and as many of these bonus games feature stacked and expanding wild symbols you will always have the opportunity, albeit a small one, of spinning in and being awarded some mega sized winning payouts when playing the All Pays slot.

Slot Tournament Play

Microgaming have added a few of their new All Pays slot games as base games attached to a number of their online slot tournaments, and in regards to the playability of these kinds of slots when playing them in a slot tournament fashion they do make ideal tournament slot games.

It is no secret that the aim of any slot tournament is to amass, as quickly as you can, a high score by spinning in lots of higher valued winning combinations or triggering high paying bonus game features, and when playing All Pays slots this is something you will always have the very real chance of doing.

Slot Comps

As you will be playing All Pays slot for slightly larger stakes than you may be used to playing online slot games for real money for then in regards to the number of comp and loyalty points you will be accumulating when playing these kinds of slots you should get more of them saved up when playing All Pays slot as opposed to payline structured slots.

However everything is of course relevant, and you could earn just as many comps on a payline structured slot if you are playing maximum bet spins with all paylines activated and get a longer than average playing session due to a continuous set of winning spins spinning in or some high paying bonus game features.

Give the All Pays slot games some play time if you haven’t come across them before, there are certainly no shortages of them online and they come will all manner of different themes.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

December 18, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.