Fruit Machine Terminology

fruit-machineThere are a number of subtle differences in the way Fruit Machines work and operate when you compare them to the way standard online casino slots work, and in this article we are going to enlighten you to the terms and saying that surround Fruit Machines and give you an insight into what each term and saying actually means.


This is the official name given to a Fruit Machine, these kinds of gaming machine originated in Great Britain and the UK Gambling Commission had to come up with a description for low stake and low jackpot slot machines to separate them for licensing purposes from casino slots which offer a much higher range of stake levels and jackpots. AWP means Amusement with Prizes and that is the best description you can give a Fruit Machine for due to their design and structure and their regularly awarded bonus features and bonus rounds you do get a lot of amusement when playing them and can win some fairly decent sized cash prizes too.


There are many different base game features that can be awarded on a Fruit Machine, and a Hold feature will allow you to hold any number of the three reels in place for the next spin you make when it is offered to you. The Hold buttons located underneath each reel will flash continually when the Hold feature is on offer.


Most if not all Fruit Machines offer a Nudge feature, and this is simply a way of you possibly obtaining a winning combination on the win line by moving the reels down one position at a time when the Nudge feature is awarded to you. When Nudges are awarded you will be shown how many of them you can use and then you need to click on the Nudge buttons underneath each reel and when clicked that reel moves downwards on position.

Number Trail

Some Fruit Machines have nudges which are displayed alongside various reel symbols, and whenever one of these symbols spins in on the win line that number will then fill in the corresponding number of positions on a Number Trail located on the Fruit Machine screen. The Number Trail will, when you have completed and lit up all positions on it, award you with a bonus game or will award you will a cash amount.

Win Spins

When playing some Fruit Machines online instead of you being awarded a cash award for a matching set of reel symbols that have spun in on the win line you will instead be awarded Win Spins. When awarded you then will play out the awarded number of spins on an additional slot machine located on the bonus screen, however, each spin awarded is guaranteed to be a winning one.


You will find that some Fruit Machines will give you a chance of instantly re-triggering any main bonus game feature once you have been awarded with one of them and have finished playing it off. This bonus chance is often called a Restart or Repeater feature and when on offer the words Yes and No will flash rapidly on the screen or display box, you need to click the Stop button in the hope that the word Yes is the one you highlight and if so then the bonus game you have just played out is awarded to you again.

Number Reel

There is often a Number Reel in play when you have been awarded some Fruit Machines bonus round and main bonus games, this is simply a reel with the number one to twelve printed on it as reel symbols. You need to spin this reel to work your way around Bonus Boards or guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the last number displayed on that reel when playing off a Cash Ladder type of bonus game.

Multi Add

When you are playing Fruit Machines that have a Bonus Board type of bonus round should you land or be awarded something known as a Multi Add then you will find that your accumulated cash awards and nudges will be randomly increased in value and the type of bonus games you have so far accumulated will be increased meaning you have a potentially higher paying one available.

Bonus Ladder

Many Fruit Machines have several different Bonus Ladder structured bonus rounds, and these are simply a range of cash awards, nudges or bonus features that are displayed on the bonus screen in way that resembles a ladder and the nudges, cash amounts or bonus features increase in value the higher up the ladder they are positioned.

When this type of bonus game is awarded you either have to click a Stop button to light up one of the positions on the ladder or play a higher or lower type of game using a Number Reel (see above) to win one of the prizes or work your way up the ladders.

Cash Pot

A Cash Pot is often found in play when a Fruit Machine’s main bonus game is triggered, the amount of cash displayed in the pot will grow as you continue to play the bonus game which is often a Bonus Board type of round, you will then be given the option of collecting the amount displayed in the Cash Pot or taking one of the additional bonus features you have accumulated during the bonus round.

Bonus Grid

Some Fruit Machines have a grid type of display located at the side of the reels, this will be a 3 column by 3 row grid on which there will be nine reel symbols displayed on each box with in that grid. As you are playing the base game and spin in the reel symbols displayed on the grid they will light up on the Bonus Grid, and once you complete a row of three of them, up, down or corner to corner then you will be awarded that Fruit Machines main bonus game.

View Feature Button

Microgaming’s range of Fruit Machines come with a special “View Feature” button, and when you click on this button the main bonus game which can be awarded to you when playing that game will be displayed on the screen, this allows you to get an idea of what is on offer on that game and to make an informed decision as to whether it is appealing to you or not, without having to play the game first.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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