Fruit Machine Bonus Trail Features

fruit-machineYou will come across a range of Fruit Machines which have a unique way of triggering the main bonus game when you are playing that game, and this is done by you spinning in when playing the base game a set of reel symbols which have numbers attached to them.

Microgaming have several of these types of Fruit Machines on offer and they include the Pandamonium slot, the Gee Gees slot and the Mule Britannia slot, there are several others that offer this Number Trail way of awarding the bonus games, however what makes those three slots unique is that on position four of the trail you will find a Bonus position.

When you land on the Bonus position a range of different bonus features will scroll across the display box positioned at the top of the screen, and by clicking on the Stop button you will highlight one particular bonus feature which you can then play out in the hope of filling in the remaining positions on the Trail and therefore being awarded the main bonus game of that slot or advancing along it to a better location on it.

Number Trail Bonus Position Features

Below are all of the bonus features which can be awarded to you once you land on the Bonus position on a Fruit Machines Number Trail, and to help you get to grips with what these bonus features require you to do, we have put an overview and description of each of them below.

Add Again

If you reveal the message Add Again once you have click on the Stop button then you will be moved along the Bonus Trail the exact number of positions that you moved when you reached the bonus position, so for example if you spin in numbers totalling four and was awarded the Bonus feature on the Number Trail you will then be relocated to position eight on the Trail when the message Add Again is highlighted.

Lose or Game Over

If you click on the Stop button and reveal the word Lose or the words Game Over then you instantly end this bonus feature, and will not progress any further along the bonus position. So always try and do your best to avoid clicking the Stop button and landing on the Lose or Game Over message.

Skill Continue

When the Skill Continue feature is awarded then you will find the word Continue is revealed one letter at a time of the display box, you are tasked with using your skill to click on the Stop button when the letter E is revealed, and if you do then the entire Bonus Trail will be illuminated and you then are awarded the main bonus game on that particular Fruit Machine.

Trail Held

If you see the word Trail Held illuminated once you have made your way along the Number Trail to any position, then wherever it is you have reached on the Trail will be locked into place for the next base game spin you make, and as such any additional numbers spun in on the win line will then move you further up the Trail.


Should you illuminate the word Boost then your position on the Number Trail will be increased and as such you will be moved further up the Trail, you could be located to any position on the Trail and could even trigger the main bonus game by being boosted to the final position on the Trail.


You will find that when you illuminate and are awarded the Selector feature groups of numbers on the Number Trail will flash up randomly, the main aim of when this bonus feature is awarded is that you click on the Stop button when the entire set of numbers of the Number Trail are lit up for by doing so you will instantly trigger the main bonus game. However, the groupings of numbers will flash rapidly so you will have to be quick when giving the Stop button a click.

Number Run

Should you illuminate the words Number Run then you are going to find that the three reels will be set into motion and a winning combination will then be spun in on the win line, you could win any of the payouts listed on the pay table when the Number Run feature is awarded and one of those could of course be the jackpot.


When you illuminate the Stoppa feature then all of the position on the Number Trail will flash in turn and completely randomly, they will be flashing rapidly and you are tasked with clicking on the Stop button in the hope that you land on the last position on the Trail, or land on one of the better positions in the hope that the Number Trail Held light illuminates giving you a better chance of completing the Trail by spinning in numbers on the next spin of the base game reels.

Hints and Tips

Obviously the best feature you can be awarded when you land on the Bonus position on the number trail is going to be either the Number Run feature on which you are going to be awarded a cash prize or by you landing on the Skill Continue feature.

However as the Skill Continue feature is completely skill based and is not a predetermined bonus feature then you should get lots of practice of playing that feature ideally in the free play option of the Fruit Machine you are playing, by mastering the art of play off that Skill Continue feature then every single time it is awarded to you then you are going to be able to guarantee you light up the final letter of the word continue and will therefore be able to trigger the main bonus game.

One handy tip when you are playing any Fruit Machine which boasts a Number Trail is to look out for when a Hold feature is awarded to you for occasionally if for example you have spun in numbers totalling two in value and the Hold is offered by holding all three reels then you are guaranteed to be awarded the Number Trail Bonus at the end of the next game you play when holding all of those reels.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

January 20, 2014 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.