Marvel Jackpot Slots

marvel-slotsWith a history that can be traced back to 1939, there is a good chance that as a child you may have read the Marvel Comics which amused, entertained and gripped generations of children. If you did then you may be interested in reliving your youth by playing any of the many Marvel Jackpot slots that can be found at Playtech software powered sites.

We have listed the current portfolio of Marvel Jackpots slots below, as you will see each one features the super heroes that were found in the comics, and each slot has something unique by way of the game playing features, themes and bonus rounds they offer.

For more information on any slot mentioned simply follow the links and we will present to you a full and in-depth review of that particular slot game.

Marvel Random Jackpot Feature

At each online casino that utilizes the Playtech suite of games, the Marvel Jackpot slots all share a set of progressive jackpots, which, as is to be expected, keep on growing as players play any of these games. However, what makes these progressive jackpots slightly different to those found on other slot games is that they are awarded at random.

You will have a chance of being awarded one of the four different sized Marvel Jackpots whenever you play any of the slots listed below for real money, it should be noted however, that the larger the stakes you play them for the bigger your chances of winning one of these jackpot becomes, but having said that you could trigger one when playing these slots for any stake level.

At the completion of any game played, you could be awarded the Marvel Random Jackpot Feature, and if you do then a bonus screen will appear on the slot screen, and you will need to play this bonus game to win one of those four different sized jackpots.

When this feature is awarded you will have definitely won one of the four jackpots, to find out which one you must play the bonus game first. This is a simple click to reveal type round, where you are faced with grid type formation on the bonus screen with 20 locations on the screen.

Simply click one location at a time and you will then reveal a symbol which will be associated with one of the jackpots, you need to keep on clicking those locations until you reveal three matching symbols, and once you do then you win the corresponding jackpot.

Marvel Jackpot Slot Games

Let us now give you an overview of the Marvel Jackpot slot games that you will be able to access and play at any of our rated and approved Playtech software powered casinos, simply click on the slot games’ name below to be taken to our review of each of the slots listed below.

The Incredible Hulk – You may remember the character Bruce Banner saying “don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry“, however when you are playing the Incredible Hulk slot game you may just like him getting angry, as that is one way you can be rewarded with some large winning payouts via this games bonus feature round.

X-Men – You will meet the colourful yet mutant team of X Men should you choose to play this multi line bonus video slot which is available at all Playtech powered sites. The best part about this X Men slot is the Heroes v’s Villains free spins round which will have you on the edge of your seat when it triggers.

Fantastic Four – If, like most other slot players, you cannot wait for the bonus games to trigger when playing slot machines, then one bonus round that is always worth waiting for is the free games feature on the Fantastic Four slot game. Thanks to the Fantastic Four reel symbols adding extra features to this bonus game some large and regularly won payouts are awarded, when of course it triggers.

Blade – Should you be in the mood to slay a few Vampires, then make sure you give the Blade slot game a try, not only are those Marvel Jackpots on offer, but with plenty of paylines available you should, hopefully, see plenty of combinations, of the winning variety spinning in.

Daredevil – No suite of slot games that are themed around Marvel Comic book characters would be complete without Daredevil, this blind, yet powerful character is alive and well on this multi line slot which is a popular slot and one with plenty of bonus games and bonus features to keep even the hardened of slot player entertained.

Iron Man – One of the meanest looking characters you will find in the Marvel Comic books is Iron Man, and should you wish to try and defeat him then it will be his very own Iron Man slot game that you will need to play. If you do then look out for a couple of expanding reel Wild symbols which can boost your winning chances.

Iron Man 2 – Hot on the heels of the original Iron Man slot comes the next slot in the series, this being the Iron Man 2 slot, what makes this slot rather different from its predecessor is that it comes with a whole host of stacked reel symbols, which as any slot player will tell you, when they drop in the right way, plenty of winning combinations can be formed, if you are playing maximum lines.

Iron Man 3 – Playtech have just launched another Iron Man slot game, and the Iron Man 3 slot is the third game in this series and has those four randomly awarded jackpots that can be won by players at the end of any single paid for spin.

Punisher War Zone – The Punisher War Zone slot is the type of game that you should return to time and time again, for it has a unique way of awarding its bonus game which sees you saving up a special reel symbols as they spin in. So if you have been playing it and run out of credits, these saved up reel symbols will always be sat there waiting for you whenever you choose to top up your account balance!

Elektra – With Expanding Wild symbols, free spins and plenty of paylines, if you are seeking another fully rounded Marvel Comic slot game to play then you should not be left wanting if you choose to play the Elektra slot game which is another of the slots in this series offering a total of 20 optional paylines.

Thor The Mighty Avenger – The latest Marvel Jackpot slot game to be released, and one you should seriously consider playing is the Thor The Mighty Avenger slot. This is one of the most technically advanced Marvel Comic book slots ever designed and its boasts a whole slew of features which should keep every avid slot player happy, entertained and maybe in profit.

Ghost Rider – The final slot we would like to present to you is another of the newer Marvel Jackpot slots that has recently gone live in all Playtech software powered casinos. This is a fixed 20 payline slot game which comes with many different bonus features and bonus games, all of which can be triggered via the base game.

Captain America – Another great playing Marvel Jackpot slot game that has recently gone live is themed around Captain America, not only are those four random jackpots on offer but you can always win a set of potentially very high paying free spins.

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