Bulls Eye Online Slot Machine Review

Bulls Eye Online Slot Machine Review



You may be looking to play classic slot games that offer a slightly more exciting type of game play if so then do take a look at the Bulls Eye 3 reel slot which is found in Microgaming powered downloadable casino sites.

The reason his game is a tad more exciting to play is that when you play it with three coins in play then you could trigger a bonus game, which can and does award some large bonus payouts.

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – To obtain the better payout percentages on most of Microgaming’s Classic slot games such as this Bulls Eye slot you need to always play maximum coin spins, so make sure that is exactly what you do.

Stake Levels – The Bulls Eye slot game from Microgaming has fixed coin values and as such you can only play it with coin values of 1.00, you can play one, two or three coins per game and when activating all three coins the bonus game mentioned below can be triggered.

Jackpot Payout – As with most classic slots you are going to be able to win for yourself an enhanced jackpot payout when you opt to put into play the maximum number of coins per spin, and when doing so on this Bulls Eye slot when you line up three of the Dart Player jackpot symbols you will win 5000 coins which is larger than the 1000 coins and 2000 coins that can be won when playing one or two coin spins respectively.

Standard Reel Symbols – This online slot has a Cherry symbol which can award a payout when one, two or three of them spin in anywhere on the payline, also in play on the reels are three Bar symbols which are a single, double and triple Bars, a payout is also awarded for spinning in a mixed set of the Bar symbols.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – There are no scatter symbols in play on this slot game but there is a bonus symbol which is the Spin symbol, however it only appears on reel number three.

Wild Symbols – The Dart Player symbols found on all three reels of this Bulls Eye slot game are the Wild symbols and by spinning in one or two and seeing them helping to complete a winning combination the value of those payouts will be boosted by x2 and x4 respectively.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – No free spins are awarded on this Bulls Eye slot game, however there is a bonus game which can be triggered and this is reviewed below.

Bonus Game – All you need to do to trigger the bonus game on this Bulls Eye slot game simply play the maximum 3 coins per spin and whenever the Spin symbol spins in on the third reel you then get to spin the bonus wheel to determine just how much you have won.