Cash Clams Online Slot Machine Review

Cash Clams Online Slot Machine Review


As you hunt around for a Classic three reel slot game to play you will come across the Cash Clams slot if you are logged into a Microgaming software powered site, and there is a lot to like about this slot including an enhanced jackpot for maximum bet players and an above average RTP.

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – The payout percentage that this Microgaming designed Cash Clams slot game has been designed to return to player is 94.99% which does of course mean you will get lots of entertainment and winning opportunities whenever you choose to give it a whirl.

Stake Levels – All of Microgaming’s Class slot games such as this Cash Clams slot have different coin value options which you can set the slot to play at, the minimum one on this slot is just 0.25 and if you like to high roll you can increase them up to 5.00 coin values.

Jackpot Payout – The jackpot symbol on this slot is the Clam symbol, if you play one coin and get three Clam symbols spinning in you will win 2000 coins and when playing two coins per spin the jackpot is worth 5000 coins.

Standard Reel Symbols – The standard reel symbols on the Cash Clams slot game include a Red Crab symbol, a Single Bar, Double Bar and Triple Bar symbol along with a Gold Seven symbol. The Gold Seven symbol awards the second highest payout on the pay table.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – As this Cash Clams slot game does not award players with any type of bonus game feature round it therefore has no Scatter symbols or Bonus symbols attached to any of the reels, keep on reading though for the Wild Multiplier symbol can help increase your winning payouts.

Wild Symbols – There are quite a few of Microgaming’s Classic slots including this Cash Clams slot which come with what are known as Wild Multiplier symbols, by getting one in a winning combination the payout value is going to be doubled, two of them will quadruple the winning payout value of any standard pay table listed winning combination.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – No free spins bonus game are ever going to be awarded to you when playing the Cash Clams slot game but if you do fancy playing a slot which will award you with free spins and you are playing at a Microgaming powered site do take a look over their Jack and Jill Slot which comes with such a bonus game feature round.

Bonus Game – Whilst some three reel slots do not award or trigger any type of bonus game features Microgaming have plenty of slots that do and should you not like the look or sound of this Cash Clams slot and wish to play a three reel slot which comes packed with a huge number of bonus games that can be triggered then feast your eyes over our review of the Mule Britannia Slot game.