Sneak a Peak – Planet Exotica Online Slot Review

Sneak a Peak – Planet Exotica Online Slot Review


The final slot game in Microgaming’s adult themed Sneak a Peek slot game series is the Planet Exotica slot game, and this slot features a cast of good looking Aliens, if such a thing is possible! You will find it offers a slightly bigger bonus game maximum payout than the other two slots in the series and a different way of triggering its free spins bonus round feature.

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – You can rest assured that when playing this slot game you will be getting a fairly high payout percentage, in fact this is most noticeable on all Microgaming slot games by the length of the playing session you will get thanks to their higher than average RTP’s.

Stake Levels – Having the ability to play this real money slot machine for pennies or for larger stake levels means you are always going to be able to afford to play it online, in fact you can also test it out at no risk and to do just that simply log into any Microgaming casino site via the free play guest option and you will be able to put it through its paces for as long as you like at no cost.

Jackpot Payout – There is a Wild symbol found on all reels of this slot game, and if you are lucky enough to get five of these symbols appearing one on each reel of any activated payline then a jackpot worth 5000 coins is instantly awarded to you. This symbol is the game logo symbol and as such as this slot lets you play more than one coin per payline then by playing for maximum coins you can increase that maximum potential jackpot quite dramatically.

Standard Reel Symbols – These exotic and mildly erotic symbols should get the blood pumping, these are from the top paying Tandy, Lumeena, Sodki, Asherah, Meduna, Bouncer, Green Alien, Space Craft, Cash and Cocktail.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – The Lips symbols are the scatters, and also trigger the select a smooch feature. They also award cash.

Wild Symbols – The Wild symbol is the Planet Exotica symbol, and substitutes all symbols bar the scatters and bonus symbols.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – The free spins are triggered after the Select a Smooch feature, and will play out with the standard multiplier, however should you spin in either the red or green lipstick symbols on reel 5, you could add extra multipliers.

Bonus Game – When you spin a Zip symbol into view on the first reel, the corresponding position on reel 5 is reserved, and should one of the main babes spin into that spot, you’ll trigger her bonus round. You simply have to choose 12 of the 15 tiles while avoiding the bouncer, once you have matched 3 items, you’ll sneak a peek with a multiplier.