Spectacular Online Slot Machine Review

Spectacular Online Slot Machine Review


What better bonus game could you find attached to any type of slot game other than a spin the wheel type of game, and that is what you will find available on this Spectacular slot which is a simple yet great playing and paying three reel one payline slot found in all Microgaming’s fully downloadable casino sites, keep on reading to find out what makes this game one worth playing.

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – Any slot game which has a higher payout percentage than 95% is well worth playing and as such as this Spectacular Slot boasts a long term expected payout percentage of some 96.32% then it really should be one of the games you regularly give some serious play time too.

Stake Levels – This is a fixed coin slot which means you cannot adjust the coin values which are fixed at 1.00, you can play one or two coins per spin on the single payline, and by placing a two coin wager the bonus game could be triggered.

Jackpot Payout – The jackpot symbol on this slot is the Spectacular symbol, and this symbol when appearing on all three positions of your active payline will award you with either 2000 coins or 5000 coins for one and two coins played respectively.

Standard Reel Symbols – There are plenty of winning combinations to be made on the Spectacular slot, and with only a handful of reel symbols, you’ll find the winning combinations come in thick and fast. From the top to lowest these are Spectacular, Blue 7, Triple Bar, Double Bar, Single Bar, and Ticket symbols.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – As there are no bonus or free spins round, you’ll not find any scatter symbols in play on this slot. However, we have no problems showcasing you slots which can offer you more, see below where we normally have our Free Spins and Bonus Game sections.

Wild Symbols – The Jackpot Spectacular symbols are also wild multipliers, and have one of these completing a win awards double a winning combinations payout value, while 2 quadruple the winnings.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – Whilst this slot does not offer a free spins bonus game if you are looking for a quite easy to play Microgaming slot that does then do make sure you take a look at our review of the Pure Platinum Slot which does award lots of free spins.

Bonus Game – You can win up to 1000 coins when the bonus game is triggered when playing this slot, and to be awarded with it simply place two coins on the single payline per spin you make and then as soon as the Spin symbols drops in on the and reel you get to spin the bonus wheel. Wherever that bonus wheel stops will determine just how much you have won, the amount of coins awarded is the amount of coins opposite the arrow.