Guide to Microgaming Online Slot Tournaments

Several of the online casinos listed throughout our website offer daily slot tournaments. These are a way of playing a slot machine online either for free or for a one off entry free and then having a chance of walking away with a cash prize.

The basic idea of how a slot tournament works is simple, everyone who is taking part in one is allocated a set amount of time to play just one slot game and in addition to this allocated amount of time they are given a pre-set amount of tournaments credits on that game.

Entrants in a slot tournament then have to rattle through as many spins as they can before the time or their credits run out. Each entrant is allocated a score which is the total amount of credits they won during their game play, and those who have the largest score can win a cash prize.

The cash prize pools that are attached to every slot tournament is going to vary from tournament to tournament and below is an guide to the most popular slot tournaments found online, have a read through it for you may enjoy playing in them and could, if your slot is loose, end up with a large cash prize for a low entry fee.

Freeroll Slot Tournaments

Without a shadow of a doubt the most popular online slot tournaments are those which have no entry fee, you will find these are offered at many of our Microgaming powered casino sites.

Being free to enter you have to register quickly for they do get fully subscribed, however with a set of modest cash prizes on offer and with no entry fee, if you have blown you slot playing budget then you could restock it by taking part in them and of course managing to win a position on the prize ladder via your score when playing the tournament slot and be allocated a cash prize.

Guaranteed Slot Tournaments

You are going to find the slot tournaments offering the biggest cash prizes by way of their prize pools are the ones known as Guaranteed Slot Tournaments. These can run for several days and require an entry fee to be paid.

The amounts of cash which can be won on these types of slot tournaments can be huge and often you are allowed to continue playing in them when you timer and credits run out by paying another small fee.

Sit and Go Slot Tournament

All of the above types of slot tournaments will have a publicised starting time, however a Sit and Go slot tournament is different. These types of tournaments have rules in place that require just a small number of entrants to take part in them, with the entry fees paid by entrants being the prizes on offer.

These tournaments will commence when the required number of players register, and as such you will find more of these types of tournaments running throughout the day and night at many of our Microgaming powered casino sites.

Best and Worst Microgaming Tournament Slots

You will notice that many of our Microgaming powered casinos give you the option of taking part and playing in a diverse range of daily slot tournaments, these come in many different formats ranging from completely free to enter slot tournaments right through to midsized entry fee paid slot tournaments.

However, many slot players who are looking to play in slot tournaments wonder what the best tournament slot games are. To give you some ideas of just which slot games to look out for when you are in a slot tournament playing mood we have compiled a guide to what we know are the very best slot tournament slots and these are listed below, along with some slot tournaments to avoid due to certain slots being used as the base game slot.

Try and avoid tournament slot games that offer pick to win type bonus rounds, for these can and very often do decrease the actual number of slot spins you can play due to the pick to win rounds taking up a lot of your allocated tournament play time, and the longer a bonus round takes to play out the less chances you have of obtaining a good score during that tournament.

Top Tournament Slot Games

You will be seeking a slot that offers a no nonsense type of playing style and format when playing in a slot tournament, for the idea is of course to obtain the highest score before your allocated time runs out or you run out of tournament credits.

So therefore the quicker a slot game plays the better, if a slot being used as the base game slot on any slot tournament offers one or more bonus type features or bonus rounds you will want them to play out quickly and not be time consuming ones to play.

Break Da Bank Tournament Slot – Amazing though it may seem the best tournament slot you can play at Microgaming powered sites is their Break Da Bank slot, the reasons for this being the number one slot to look out for is that it is a classical type of 3 reel slot, and with no bonus game attached to it plus the addition of a set of wild multiplier symbols, then some large paying and therefore high scoring winning combinations can be spun in at any time.

Thunderstruck Tournament Slot – Although Microgaming’s Thunderstruck slot is one of the older slot games it is certainly one of their better slots in regards to playing in any slot tournament which uses it as the base game.

The reason for this is that it offers a free spins bonus round which is triggered quickly and plays out without the usual bells and whistles sometimes associated with free spins awarding slot games.

Avalon Tournament Slot – Look out for Microgaming’s Avalon slot when you are choosing which tournament to play in, for when this slot is used as the base game then it can be one of their better tournament slots.

The reasons for us naming it as one of the better tournament base game slots is due to extra wild symbols coming into play during the free spins round, and if triggered then you can often get plenty of additional winning combinations forming as those free spins play out allowing you to obtain some high scores.

Lucky Witch Tournament Slot – The Lucky Witch slot game is one of the latest slots to be added to the slots used on Microgaming slot tournaments, and this really is a great tournament slot. Thanks to a set of stacked wild symbols then if the reels start to spin your way plenty of high scoring winning combinations can and do spin in, plus during the free spins bonus game another reel symbol also becomes not only a wild symbol but also a wild multiplier symbol and this is the Witch symbol.

Worst Tournament Slot Games

We will now present you with a couple of slot games which are the worst slot games you can find attached to any online slot tournament, you should avoid playing any tournament offering these games are their respective bonus games or bonus features can often see you running out of time when they trigger and you may be then forced to purchase a continue to increase your overall score.

Hitman Tournament Slot – On the face of it the Hitman slot game is an action packed and bonus rich slot, however one of the bonus games which can be triggered is the Contract Bonus game, this is a multi stage pick to win type of bonus round which can take minutes to play, and when it awards a small cash payout which is converted into tournament points, then you will have wasted a high percentage of your allocated tournament play time.

Immortal Romance Tournament Slot – Another of our listed tournament slot games which should be avoided when you are looking for a slot tournament to enter is one on which the Immortal Romance slot game is being used as the base game slot.

This has a multi stage free spins bonus round, and unless you have a very high amount of tournament credits as well as lots of allocated tournament play time you will never unlock more than just the first free spins option, and therefore never have time to take advantage of the potentially higher paying free spins bonus game options.

Tomb Raider Tournament Slot – You may be surprised to find the Tomb Raider slot listed as one of the worst tournament slot games, for it was one of the very first slot Microgaming attached to their daily slot tournaments. However it does come with the Idol picking bonus game and this can be agonisingly slow to play out.

Whilst the free spins bonus game can trigger and re-trigger often the Idol picking round is the more frequently triggered bonus game feature, and triggering it once or more than once will reduce your play time and decrease the chances of you spinning in a decent set of high paying winning combinations.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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