Treasure Ireland Online Slot Machine Review

Treasure Ireland Online Slot Machine Review


No one designs and launches as many  online Fruit Machines that boast the high payouts, exciting bonus games and are as entertaining to play as those Microgaming have launched and one of their most popular AWP’s is the Treasure Ireland slot game which is a game with an obvious and very noticeable Irish theme.

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – The vast majority of Microgaming’s Fruit Machines of which this Treasure Ireland is one have payout percentages of around the 96.50%, and as such you will have a fair chance of winning should you decide to get stuck into play the Treasure Ireland slot game online.

Stake Levels – There is just the one single payline available on Microgaming’s Treasure Ireland game, and only one coin per spin can be activated, the coin values for reference start at just 0.10 and can be increased in value up to a maximum of 10.00.

Jackpot Payout – The jackpot symbols in play on the Treasure Ireland slot is the Captain Leprechaun symbol, and is the key to triggering that 500x bet jackpot. Simply spin 3 of them into position on your win line to win.

Standard Reel Symbols – In play on the Treasure Ireland slot, the symbols all have a Pirate/Irish hybrid theme. Bizarre, but true! From the top paying to the lowest paying these are Captain Leprechaun, Treasure Chest, Ship, Parrot, 7, Stout, Bar, Skull and Crossbones, Clover.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – There are no bonus symbols on this slot, as this is a fruit machine, however, there are features that are randomly activated, which are covered below. There is a type of scatter symbol on this slot, and these are the Map symbols, simply spin into view 3 of these to be launched to the bonus board.

Wild Symbols – This game has no Wild symbol.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – As this is one of Microgaming’s Fruit Machines then there are no free spins awarded to players, however what Fruit Machines are famed for is their large number of bonus games and bonus features and the more exciting and entertaining bonus games are listed below for you.

Bonus Game – The bonus game on Treasure Ireland is a simple board game consisting of 14 positions. Each position has Win Spin Shots, Cash Shots, Feature Shots, a Question Mark, Bonus or a Spud (potato). Should you land on one of the Shots positions, you’ll be awarded a set number of shots of the applicable column, you can collect after any given shot and end the bonus game. If you land on one of the Question Mark positions, you’ll have to stop the text by hitting start.

This however, may kill you off and you lose any winnings you may have made, it could however tell you to continue. Landing on a Bonus position is similar to the question mark, however, you can’t lose. This will award you with things like bonus shots, an extra life or even a boost. Now, landing on the Spud position is interesting, for if you collect three of them you’ll have an extra life.