Wow Pot 3-Reel Slot Machine Review

Wow Pot 3-Reel Slot Machine Review


You have plenty of slot games at your disposal when you choose to play at a Microgaming software powered casino and one slot that you may enjoy playing is the 3 reel version of the Wow Pot slot, it is a very easy to play slot which, when you play it with the maximum wager in play offers an ever rising progressive jackpot.

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – Sadly as with most progressive slot games when you are playing this 3 reel version of Microgaming’s Wow Pot slot you will not find the base game comes with a huge long term expected payout percentage, which is certified and has been verified as being 89.63%.

Stake Levels – The coin values are not adjustable when you play this slot game and as such you have to play for coin values set at 0.50 but you can adjust the number of coins you put into live play on its one single payline and can play one, two or three coins per spin.

Jackpot Payout – If you play this slot with just one coin in play you can win a jackpot worth 500 coins, a two coin spin coulee see you winning a jackpot worth 1,000 coins, but if you manage to line up the Wow Pot logo symbols on the one single payline when playing three coin spins which will cost you a wager of 1.50 then you will win the progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the slot games screen.

Standard Reel Symbols – There are two different types of 7 symbols in play on this slot games reels plus some of the other standard reel symbols include Cherry symbols and Single Bar, Double Bars and Triple Bar symbols.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – Unlike the five reels version of this slot game this particular slot does not have any scatter or bonus symbols on the reels.

Wild Symbols – You can boost the value of any winning combination that spins in and is formed with the Wow Pot logo Wild symbols for when one of them spins in and helps to form any winning combination it will double the value of that win, get two of these symbols spinning in and that winning combinations it helps to form is going to be quadrupled in value.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – The Wow Pot three reel slot game, much like all other similar slots does not award players with any type of free spins bonus game feature round.

Bonus Game – You cannot and will not be able to trigger or be awarded any form of bonus game when playing this Wow Pot three reel slot online, for it is a classical type of progressive slot game and as such you simply click on the spin button and will be hoping to form a winning combination.