Redeeming Playtech Casino Comps

comp-pointsAs you may or may not know, whenever you play at any of our top rated and fully approved online casinos that use Playtech’s software and gaming platform, you will be accumulating comp points whenever you play any slot machine for real money.

These comps keep on accumulating in your loyalty account no matter when you log on to play, and there will come a time when you have amassed enough of them and will be able to redeem them for free of charge casino credits.

In this section of our site we shall walk you through the procedure for cashing in and redeeming your comp points at any Playtech powered site. We are pleased to report that Playtech have one of the easiest comp point redemption systems available and as such you should soon get a full understanding of how to do just that.

Step One – You will first need to be logged into your casino account via the real money mode, should you be logged in via the free play account then simply click on any of the “Play For Real Money” links that are found all around the screen.

Step Two – You will next have to locate and click on the “Cashiers” tab, depending on which casino you are playing at the location of this link could be in different locations on the screen, however it is usually found along the top of the screen, so locate it and give it a click.

Step Three – Once you have clicked on the Cashiers tab then a new screen will load up and this is where you are able to make both withdrawals and deposits into and out of your casino account. However as you are looking to redeem your accumulated comp points then you will next need to locate and click on the “My Account” button which again is located at the top of the Cashiers page.

Step Four – Once you have clicked on the My Account button then at the bottom of the screen that loads you will see a section called “Comp Points”, this is where you will see just how many accumulated comp points you have been awarded during your game playing sessions.

If you have accumulated enough comp points hen playing for real money then all you need to do to convert them in casino credits is to click on the “Convert to Money” button, and in real time your comps will then be turned into credits and added instantly to your casino account.

You will then be able to close down the Cashiers page and return to the main game lobby, you are then free to play any casino game that takes your fancy with those additional casino credits.

Earning Comp Points

It doesn’t matter at which Playtech powered casino you play at you will be earning comp points as you play the games for real money, however it is worth noting that at some casinos you will earn and accumulate comp points at a great rate of knots than you would at some other sites.

Each Playtech powered casino will have their own type of comp club in operation, so offer a standard and network wide type of comp club and as such you earn the same number of comp points based on how much you wager.

However, some online casinos offer their own unique stand alone type of comp club which can often be a multi level type of scheme, whereby once you play and earn a certain number of comp points then you move up the ranks of that comp club and earn more comp points.

You will also find the redemption rate of your accumulated comp points will often vary from casino to casino, so if you are the type of player who likes to wager some larger amounts of cash or like to play at just one casino more often than another, then do shop around for there are some generous comp clubs around.

Finally it is worth us letting you know that some casinos will let you cash out any redeemed comp points once you have exchanged them for casino credits. However there are one or two casinos that make you play through your comp points before being able to cash out any credits you have exchanged your comp points for.

So do take a close look at the terms and conditions attached to the redemption and cashing out of any accumulated comp points for these will often vary once again from casino to casino You are of course best off playing at a casino that treats redeemed comp points as cash, for then you can withdraw your winnings or just the redeemed casino credits whenever you want to without having to play them through a certain number of times.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

November 11, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.