Pet Luck Online Slot Machine Review

Pet Luck Online Slot Machine Review


When you visit the websites of a few of our featured Playtech software powered top rated online casino sites you will see some of them have a standalone Bingo site, and when accessing these Bingo playing platforms you will find some of Playtech’s more unique types of slot machines. One of these slots is their Pet Luck slot game which only has five paylines, no bonus games but it does offer player a huge progressive jackpot.

Facts and Figures

Certified Payout Percentage – You will get some good value from your slot playing budget if you opt to play this Pet Luck slot machine online for its long term expected pay out percentage is a generous 93.00%.

Stake Levels – Please be aware that this Pet Luck slot game is a progressive slot machine and as such there is a huge jackpot on offer. However, due to the unique way this slot game has been designed, namely as a multi stake slot, to win 100% of the progressive jackpot when you line up five of the Dog symbols you must have activated and put into play stakes of 1.00 on the winning paylines those five jackpot symbols spun in on.

If you do not play at stakes of 1.00 per payline and you get that jackpot paying combination spinning in then you will only be awarded a fraction of the jackpot pool as per your staked amount.

Jackpot Payout – To qualify for the jackpot pay out you have to be playing this Pet Luck slot game with a stake of at least 1.00 per payline in play and activate all five of the paylines, so if you do end up giving it some play time online make sure you set the slot with those stake levels in play or you cannot possibly win the entire progressive jackpot.

Standard Reel Symbols – Apart from the usual Playing Card reel symbols which award the lowest winning pay outs, when you play this Pet themed slot it will not surprise you to learn the majority of the reel symbols are Pet related and include a Rabbit, Cat, Dog and Gold Fish symbols.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols – There are no bonus games or bonus types rounds which can be awarded on this slot game and as such there are no scatter or bonus symbols on any of its reels.

Wild Symbols – There are no listed Wild symbols on the reels of this Pet Luck slot game.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

Free Spins – This game does not awarded any free spins.

Bonus Game – You cannot trigger any type of bonus game when playing this slot and as such it may be an ideal video slot to play if you like very easy to understand and play slots but also ones that can and do awarded a huge progressive jackpot to players.

Author: Marcus Nilsson