Sweet Party Online Slot Machine Review

Sweet Party Online Slot Machine Review


You may not instantly think that Playtech’s new Sweet Party game is a slot game, due to the very unique design of it. However, they have classified it as a slot, so it may be a game worth playing. If you like the look of it and having read through his review you wish to give it a try then it is available at all downloadable Playtech casino sites.

The slot is structured quite differently from all other Playtech designed slot games, for the screen consists of a grid like formation and displayed on this grid, which has a 5 rows and 5 columns formation are 25 reel symbols.

As soon as you set the game into live play a set of random reel symbols will be dropped into position on all of those 25 reel positions, and you will be hoping to form a vertical or horizontal row of five or more matching reel symbols.

This slot also boasts a huge and ever rising progressive jackpot. This jackpot is only activated when playing this slot in a certain way and this is described and explained for you below.

Progressive Jackpot on the Sweet Party Slot Game

The way in which you are going to be a winner of the progressive jackpot available on this Sweet Party slot is quite unusual, for you have to spin in all 25 of the special jackpot paying reel symbols, whilst also putting into live play one of several different stake amounts. You are awarded with a winning payout when 8 or more of these symbols spin in and form a winning combination.

If you have placed a wager of 1.00 and you spin in all of the jackpot symbols, which for reference are the Red and White striped Sweets, then you are going to win 10% of the progressive jackpot. Staking 2.00 in total per spin when the winning combination is formed will see you winning 20% of the current progressive jackpots value.

Anyone who is playing this slot for 5.00 per spin will be awarded with half of the current progressive jackpot when they manage to spin in the jackpot paying combination. You need to be playing for stakes of 10.00 to have the chance of winning 100% of the current progressive jackpot as shown on the jackpot meter.

That does of course mean that this can be quite a high rolling type of slot game to play, but even when playing for modest stakes of just 1.00 you then have the chance of winning a sizable amount of cash, as the progressive jackpot can and often does grow to some very large amounts.

The jackpot contribution is 1% of player’s stakes. This is a network wide slot game so it is going to be the stakes from all players playing this game at any Playtech powered casino that are used to feed that jackpot and enable it to grow at the speed it does.

This 1% of players stakes is split up into a 0.5% progressive jackpot contribution and 0.5% of it is used to feed the reset seed value of the progressive. Should the main jackpot grow in such a size that the seed value is replenished then all further jackpot contributions go into the main jackpot.

Exploding Reel Symbols

You can form multiple winning combinations when playing this Sweet Party slot game thanks to a unique base game feature. As soon as you have managed to line up a winning combination, all symbols that then formed that winning combination explode and vanish off the screen, once the winning payout attached to that winning combination has been credited to your casino account.

As these exploding winning reel symbols are going to leave gaps all over the slot games screen, when they have exploded, all reel symbols above those that have been removed from the screen, including any out of view, will then drop down to replace those missing symbols.

Should you then form any new winning combinations once those symbols have dropped down you are of course credited with those additional winning payouts. This explodes and replace playing feature is going to keep on triggering and being activated until such a time that no new winning combinations are formed.

Auto Play Available

You will find that all of Playtech’s slot games come with their own unique Auto Play feature. This is a way of you setting the slot to play itself with your own preset stake levels in play on each spin you chose to set the slot to play automatically.

To activate this Auto Play feature all you need to do is to first choose a stake that you wish to play for then click on the plus or minus button underneath the Auto Play display. Each time you click the Plus button one more spin will be automatically set into play and each spin is going to play at the stake you opted for.

You can of course turn off the Auto Play at any time even if it is in play, and you can also reduce the number of spins you have set into play at any time by simply click on the Minute button, and each click will knock one spin off the total.

You can at any time click on the Info button displayed on this slot games screen to view the pay table, if you require any additional information then consult the Sweet Party help files which will enlighten you on everything there is to know in regards to how this slot game works and operates, including all of the Key Board shortcuts.

Playtech have no problems what so ever in letting players of their slots know just how high the payout percentage of each of their games are expected to return to players over the long term and the theoretical payout percentage of this Sweet Party slot game is quite high and has been verified and certified as being 93.97%.