Wild Gambler 2 Online Slot Machine Review

Wild Gambler 2 Online Slot Machine Review


As you are looking around our website in the search for information on slot games, you will find several slots, the Wild Gambler 2 slot being one of them that come with a unique and never seen before type of playing structure and playing format.

What this slot game has available in very unique and this is a completely optional way of playing the slot which will see you being able to play it will all of the just spun in Wild symbols locked into position on the screen for as many consecutive spins as you like.

This will call for you to put into play a brand new type of playing strategy, for unlike on many other video slots where you only have to click the Spin button, this slot will make you think whether it is going to be worth the risk and the varied stake needed to keep those wild symbols locked in place.

Not only are you able to lock in place any spun in Wild symbols for one or more consecutive spins, but you are also given the option of selecting just which reel symbols can be made wild and then lock them into position for the next spin.

For even more winning opportunities this slot can award you with a set of free spins when you are playing the base game. This slot is a 20 fixed payline slot which means you are going to have to play all 20 of those paylines on each spin you play.

Lock’n Spin Feature

The Lock and Spin feature will not take you very long to master! The way it has been designed is quite simple to understand, as soon as any of the Wild symbols spin onto any reel position if you have formed a winning combination with that symbol then it is paid out in the normal way.

However, on the next spin you play you are given the option of having all of the visible Wild symbols locked into place for that next spin.  The cost of doing that will vary depending on how many of them are in view and in what positions they are located.

If you opt to take this playing feature then all of the reels will spin but those Wild symbols stay super imposed on top of their respective reel positions. If another Wild symbol then spins in underneath those Wild symbols a plus one multiplier is awarded so the multiplier on that winning spin is worth x2.

As you are able to continually keep the Wild positions locked into position along with the multiplier values, you could, if you keep on getting more Wild symbols spinning in underneath those locked into place, get a multiplier worth up to x5.

Just be aware though that the cost of each spin you play consecutively with more and more Wild symbols in place and with any accumulated multiplier values can and will rise quite considerably, so you need to work out the risks involved and the chances of you actually forming one or more high paying winning combinations if you choose to play this slot in this way with the Lock n Spin feature in play.

Choose Your Own Locked Wild Positions

This Wild Gambler 2 slot game will also let you do something no other online slot will, and that is to have the ability of picking reel positions that will be locked as Wild positions before you set any one or more spins into live play.

You can pick any of the visible reel positions to be locked Wild positions and much like the feature above, depending on just which locations you pick as your chosen Wild location the cost of the next spin you make will vary.

There is also a rising multiplier value that can be activated when you have a Locked Wild position, and this will rise up one multiple each time you spin in another Wild symbol under that position, the maximum multiplier you can achieve is x5.

However, as the cost of using this Play Your Way feature as it is known can be quite expensive, you will be given the additional option of playing the next spin with your Locked Wild symbol in a more cost effective way, and this is done by taking advantage of the preset stake options. However, this option will reduce the value of the winning combinations due to which Wild locations you pick, so do be aware of that.

Free Spins Bonus Game

You are also going to be able to trigger a free spins bonus feature round when playing this Wild Gambler 2 slot. This bonus game can award you with seven, twelve or twenty free spins when you spin in three, four or all five of the scatter symbols respectively.

Be aware that the Locked Wild symbols will also be transferred to this bonus free spins game, and as such you will also be able to increase the multipliers they have attached to them should additional Wild symbols spin in underneath the Wild locations as those free spins are all playing out.

This slot game is of course something of a high variance type slot due in no small part to the Wild symbols and their respective multiplier values. However, if you are looking for such a slot to play this is a great one to get stuck into for it also comes with a larger than average payout percentage, which has been certified as being 95.99%.

Should you fancy giving this slot a whirl, then maybe you should give it a try via the free to play options available at each and every one of our top rated Playtech powered sites, for by doing so you will be able to master the way those Locked Wild symbols play and operate at no risk. But do make sure you give this slot some play time for it really is a slot worth playing.