Power Spins Slot Machine Series

sonic-7sAs part of our series of online casino game playing articles that are going to introduce you to the many Casino Games with Bonus Side Bet Options, we would like to showcase to you the range of Power Spins Slots which can be found in all of our top rated and highly recommended Microgaming powered casino sites.

These slots all give you the option of placing a side bet alongside you base game spin stake, and by placing that bonus side bet you could then put into play a unique playing structure or could be awarded with a range of bonus payouts which are not awarded if the bonus bet option has not been placed.

Here are the three current slot games which make up Microgaming’s fun to play and potentially very high paying range of Power Spins slots, have a look through this listing as one or more of these slots may be of interest to you thanks to the bonus feature which will be activated once you place at option Power Spins side bet wager.

Sonic 7’s Slot – The Sonic 7’s Slot games has been designed as a 9 payline slot, offering several different coin value settings, and when you choose to play the base game you can play up to 5 coins on each payline which does of course result in a maximum bet spin costing 45 coins in total.

However the Power Spins bonus bet option which is described below can be placed alongside your base game stake and this will activate a unique base game bonus feature. The reel symbols on this slot are fairly standard with Single, Double and Triple Bars being found on each reel plus three different coloured 8 reel symbols, a Bell and a Cherry along with a Wild and Scatter symbols are also found on each reel.

Sonic 7’s Bonus Bet Option: If you choose to play this slot game then for an additional stake amount of 3 times your current line bet wagered amount you can activate and put into live play the power Spins bonus bet.

When you have placed this additional yet optional side bet wager if you get a Wild symbol spinning in and it helps to complete a winning combination then a random multiplier will be activated and this could boost the value of any winning combination formed with that Wild symbol by up to 8 times its normal payout amount.

As there are Wild symbols on each reel, then it may be worth you taking the Power Spins side bet option and placing it, for if you do not place it you will not get the random multiplier value, that can and regularly does turn a small modest paying winning combination into a very sizeable winning payout.

Atomic 8’s Slot – The base game of Microgaming’s Atomic 8’s slot game is a simple 9 payline, five reels slot. The slot machine boasts several different standard stake options and you can place wagers as low as 0.01 whilst also increasing the number of coins played per line up to a maximum of 5 per payline, higher coin value settings are also offered.

This Atomic 8’s slot comes with a set of different coloured 8 reel symbols and the Logo symbol which is wild will award the highest valued winning payouts when five of them spin in one any activated payline, the jackpot is paid as soon as you spin in five of the logo reel symbols and this jackpot is worth 40,000 coins.

Other reel symbols include a set of Double, Single and Triple Bar symbols plus a Cherry and a Bell and you can spin in a mixed set of Bars or 8 reel symbols and be awarded with a winning payout.

Atomic 8’s Bonus Bet Option: If you choose to place the Power Spins bonus side bet then you will be forced to pay an additional wager worth 3 times the current line bet amount you are playing the base game for. When activated all winning combinations will not only pay form left to right but also from right to left, effectively giving you double the chances of forming a winning combination.

Nuclear 9’s Slot – The Nuclear 9’s slot game was the final slot game that Microgaming launched as part of their Power Spins series of online slot games. This game is quite similar to the above two slots in as much as the reel symbols are the same, which the exception being that the 7 and 8 symbols found on the above two slots are actually 9 symbols on this slot.

This Nuclear 9’s slot games comes with an identical base game playing structure on which you will find 9 paylines are spread over its five reels, and you can play from one to five coins per payline on a   range of different coin value settings.

However the main difference between this slot and the two above is the bonus feature which is going to be activated and put into play as soon as you choose to activate the Power Spins bonus bet.

Nuclear 9’s Bonus Bet Option: The Power Spins bonus bet option on this slot costs the same as activating this side bet on the above two slots, so you will have to pay an additional stake worth three times your total line bet to put the Power Spins feature into live play.

As soon as you do you will then start to benefit from the Rolling Reels feature. When you play the slot which this bonus bet option activated as soon as nay winning combination spins in the win is credited to your casino account balance and the winning reel symbols dissolve and vanish from the slot reels and all f the symbols located above that now vanished reel symbols roll downwards to fill in the gaps.

This will often result in you then forming additional winning combinations and any new winning combinations that form will benefit from x2 multiplier and those symbols will also dissolve to be replaced by new symbols rolling in from above, this sequence of dissolving reels will continue until no new winning combinations are formed.

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