Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

fixed-odds-betting-terminalThe FOBT or Fixed Odds Betting Terminal is nowadays part of the fixtures and fittings of bookmakers’ shops all over Great Britain, and players really do have something of a love hate relationship with these machines, which can take bets on casino themed games of up to £100.00 every twenty seconds, but cannot in any one single game played payout anything over £500.00.

It is an open secret that without the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals of which they are a maximum of four permitted in betting shops in the UK, there would only be a fraction of those premises actually financially viable, in fact many betting shops operators are opening up several branches in one town or even on one street just to increase their estate of these FOBT’s as they are such a good money earner.

FOBT’s work in much the same way as an online casino works in regards to the random nature of the games they have on offer, however to comply with the somewhat relaxed UK gambling laws the actual random number generator for the games must be located away from the betting shop, and as such they are connected via broadband connections to the random number generator.

A player can therefore select any of the available games, select a stake level and as soon as they set that game into play by tapping the Start or Spin button on the slot games, or by tapping on the Deal button on the card games, the FOBT will request a random number which will then be sent to the machine and it will then convert that number into an outcome of the game.

It does have to be said the ease at which FOBT players can access and play these machines, and with many betting shops now readjusting their opening hours to ensure players can play them from the crack of dawn until very late at night, this has led to a marked increase in some players seeking help for addiction related gambling problems.

The powers that be in the UK are in no rush to more tightly control these FOBT machines, for with a large amount of the profits of these machines being taxable then Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise does very well out of them and gets a fair share of the income.

FOBT Games

Many of the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals found in high street betting offices carry a lot of casino themed games which are very similar if not identical to online casinos, in fact one manufacturer of the machines is a company owned by Playtech one of the leading online casino gaming platform designers.

Below is an overview of some of the games currently available to FOBT players, if you follow the respective links we will give you a deeper insight into these machines and will also present you will some alternative online casino games which may interest you, for the online equivalents of these games often boast a much higher payout percentage or in regards to the casino card and table games boast a much lower house edge.

FOBT Slot Machines

There are many unique and exclusive FOBT slot games available, each of those slot machines on offer come with variable stake levels and in fact the payout percentages of those slot games you will find available on FOBT machines are variable depending on the stake levels selected, something you will never find attached to online slot games.

Bookmakers Roulette Games

It is the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals Roulette games that many players tend to find too appealing, and there are quite a number of different variants on offer, including several games which now let you place an optional or even obligatory side bet wager to give you the chance of winning one of several different bonus payouts, including a progressive type of jackpot.

FOBT Blackjack Games

The Blackjack games found on FOBT’s are nothing special, and are not as popular as the other casino themed games these machines offer, however a savvy FOBT player will soon discover there are many more benefits to be had by moving their Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Blackjack playing action over to the online gaming environment, where much more player friendly Blackjack game variants are on offer.

Virtual Racing FOBT Games

You will also find a range of Virtual Racing games on offer on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, and these will give players a range of different sporting events to bet on such as Horse or Greyhound racing, and once a bet has been placed, and the game set into motion, then an onscreen video clip or a computer generated animated race will then play out and the result of that event will be known once the race has ended.

FOBT Cheats and Scams

As all FOBT’s are cash orientated, meaning you can feed bank notes and coins into the respective chute to play them, there are always going to be people looking for ways to cheat them, and there have been many both successful and unsuccessful FOBT Scams over the years.

However the suppliers of FOBT’s and the betting shops that have them installed are always trying to keep one step ahead of the fraudsters, and this would appear to be something on an ongoing battle but one that is always needed.

Whilst many players will simply put into play some sort of FOBT Playing System or strategy, many players leave the outcome of any one session they play down to luck, and when luck is not on that players side there have been many instances where a player will explode in a fit of rage and attack the machine or give the betting shop staff an earful, and occasionally much worse.

If you do play FOBT’s regularly then please do consider playing the online equivalent games, for you are given the ability to play them for free, and will benefit from things such as bonuses and loyalty awards which is something not readily available in betting shops.

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